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Tips To Create Media Content

Media is considered to be the most powerful platform. If its atrategy is to promote elitist content then nation get huge benefit. Elitist media means using media for the purpose of spreading knowledge and awareness. It works basically for giving information to the viewers. It plays an crucial part in increasing cognizance regarding all major, social, psychological and economical matters. If people are given advices through media then its repercussions would be extremely good for the entire society. People listen to it and make opinions after getting Media’s point of view.


Electronic media is the powerful medium.

Purpose of Channels

Many channels are working and new channels are opening day by day. Most of them focus their content around entertainment, romance, comedy and mimickery. None of their shows are based on imparting education among the nation. Content is filled with foreign dramas, songs, and cable operators play sexual oriented movies all the time. Mimickery is also taking a special place in talk shows. I think instead of mockery they should try doing something positive that conveys a message. If people have a strong platform then they should use it in favor of our country’s future.

Strategy of Media Channel Organizers

If information is given then there is only a single segment about it. After so many shows only one episode is designed to give some informative content. The main purpose of editors is to get highest rating in less time. In this rat race priority is given to commercials and advertizers. Our nation needs to be educated in the current situation. There is lack of awareness in many issues whether they ate social or personal.

Tips to Show Positive Content on Media

The strategy of media should be to impart awareness.

The strategy of media should be to impart awareness.

I think media is the strongest mode of communication these days. Current affairs time is filled with discussions and arguments some times convert into fights. Everyone seems aggressive and the anchor is the one who is trying to motivate their anger to pass the show time. Obviously it also increase ratings as well. Nobody wants to impart some knowledge.

Impacts of Positive Content

Very few anchors, channels are seen disseminating some knowledgeable content. In this regard I would like to mention terrestrial television channel Morning show hosted by Farah Saadiya. Her show is not only entertaining but also informative. In The starting of show messages quoted by intellectuals are added. She avoids doing acts for highest ratings. Fake marriage ceremonies, horror show and vulgar discussion can not be seen anywhere. Mostly people follow their inspiration so editors should use anchors and other artists as optimistic opinion maker.

Another show khabar Dar on Express is full of comedy and sometime rude language is also used but one positive thing is that Aftab Iqbaal also shares some information about historical events, people, places and his focus is on improving standards of Urdu language and its pronunciation.

Definitely people want to see entertaining shows but if some knowledgeable content is conveyed along with entertainment. Then our nation will be a bit groomed and educated. The distorted image of Muslims can also be improved through this influencial medium. Our image in front of the world would be better as well.

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