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Balancing the Sleep/Wake Cycle

Insomnia and hypersomnia is very common among people of different ages. We all have those days when we feel excessive sleepiness and those awfully long nights when we can’t get to sleep no matter what. This is very common throughout the world and basically what happens is that the sleep/wake cycle of the body gets disturbed which causes the body to be restless and sleep deprived. The sleep/wake cycle of the body affects the health directly and the effects are prominent even on the face. The following symptoms indicate that your sleep/wake cycle is unbalanced right now and that you need to do something about it.

No Sleep

  • Restlessness at night
  • Feeling tired all the time
  • Being hungry at awkward times, like late night
  • Not wanting to eat much
  • Headaches and backaches
  • Other body pains
  • Not wanting to do any chores
  • Excess sleeping and dizziness at day time

And many others, if you think you feel any of these symptoms than there is quite a possibility that you have an unbalanced sleep cycle and you need to bring it back to normal. Most of the times some of our own habits cause problems like these for example staying up late once or twice or using sleeping pills and other narcotics, taking caffeinated drinks at the wrong time and eating at the wrong time.

Some of us think that by staying late one night or twice a week won’t create and problem and that it is not a big deal, well to tell you honestly it really is a big deal, big enough that it destabilizes your sleep cycle for the next many days to come. However one can always bring it back to normal through struggle and some easy steps. Follow the things mentioned below and you can have a sound and smooth sleep/wake cycle.

Don’t eat too much at night:

Set a time for your last meal and do not eat after that. The body is functioned to get up when it needs a meal and since eating at night makes the stomach full, the natural alarm of the body doesn’t ring in the morning when it is breakfast time. When your stomach will be half empty at night, by morning it will be completely empty and your body will push you to wake up to feed it.

No Sleeping Till Morning

Stay away from lights/cellphone-laptop screens:

It seems to most that a small light screen in a complete dark room can do no harm to the sleep but turns out, these mini LCD/LED screens have the power to knock off you sleep and you stay awake like a zombie for the rest of the night. Light makes our mind awake and active.

Sleep in a dark room:

Yes, a dark room is best if you are trying to get to sleep because the body’s natural sleep cycle kicks in and sends a signal to the brain telling it to shut off as it’s the night time, the resting mode.


Yoga is the best kind of exercise one can do for almost all the problems of the body. There are many sleeping exercise in yoga which help to sleep better and early. However its best to exercise almost an hour or two before sleeping.

Take a bath:

If its winter, go for a warm bath and if its summer try the mild cold bath. This causes the body temperature to change a little and the body relaxes quickly, allowing the mind to relax and sleep kicks in.

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