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Health Benefits of Spinach

‘Popeye the Sailor Man’ is known for his power gained from spinach. This cartoon aimed children to eat spinach in order to get stronger. It helps the children in their growing stages. Green vegetables are good source of energy. Spinach is green leafy vegetables affordable for every one.it is rich source of vitamins, proteins and minerals. It has been used in various parts of the world as a medicinal plant specifically included in cooking to help increase overall health. Leafy greens like spinach provide more nutrients than any other food. It is used to improve health, protect eyes, fighter against cancer and protect you from bone weakness. This is a food can be serve in many forms like in salads and soups There are many benefits of spinach that cannot be countable. Some of them are given below.


Healthy Benefits of Spinach

Benefits of spinach:

Prevents Cancer:
Spinach has anti-cancer properties. It helps to keep away you from Stomach and skin cancer.

Controlling Blood pressure:
Spinach is very effective for controlling blood pressure. It keeps you away from tension, relaxing the tension of vessels and arteries, remove your stress.

Improve Vision:
It is very good for eye improvement. Protect the eye from cataracts and age-related problems.it is beneficial for eyesight. It protects you from dry eyes and itchy eye. It can also reduce the puffiness or irritation in the eyes.

Provides fresh skin:
It contains large amount of vitamin A which keep the body fresh and healthy skin by providing moisture. It keeps you away from acne and wrinkles even. Repairs the damage cells of skin and keeps you away from sun harmful rays.

Makes bone strong:
Spinach is very good for your bones health.1 cup boiled spinach makes your bones stronger and keeps you away from bone breakage. The proteins, present in spinach that is essential for maintaining the strength and density of our bones. These minerals are also essential for maintaining healthy teeth and nails.


Spinach Benefits in Urdu Language

Versatile food:
It is very versatile food and can be used in variety of foods. It can be eatable in many forms like can be eatable in salad form, added in soups, spinach smoothies, used with rice and in many other forms.

Heart healthy food:
It is good source of vitamin A and C. It has many essential minerals. It keeps you away from blood pressure which keeps you away from heart diseases.

Makes your brain younger:
Do you ever hear that spinach is good for your brain? Use of this green leafy vegetable makes your brain younger. Spinach may slow the age-related decline in brain function. Vitamin K found in spinach is essential for the overall health of our nervous system.

Good source of iron:
Spinach is good source of iron because iron is a component of hemoglobin, which carries oxygen to all body cells; it’s needed for good energy. It is very good for growing children and for young girls.

One cup of spinach has a lot of fiber, which helps in digestion, prevents constipation, maintains low blood sugar, and curbs overeating.

In this article I have shared many benefits of spinach. For more health tips please keep visiting Tips.PK.

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