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Health Benefits and Use of Garlic

Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food

These are the words of famous Greek physician Hippocrates, he is known as the father of western medicine.
Garlic is basically an herb that is used in our food products and as flavoring agent from thousands of years. It is commonly used to add taste, aroma and nutrition to our dishes. Garlic is also beneficial for health and contain vitamin C. It is also used in the field of medicine from ancient times, producing desired results on body and for the treatment many conditions and diseases. It is avoided by most of the people due to its bad smell. Garlic is commonly used for the treatment of blood disorder and for heart problems. There are many uses and benefits of garlic but most of the people don’t know. Garlic is closely related to the onion, chive, and leek.

Garlic BenefitsUses of garlic for food and medicine:

Garlic is used in many foods and for the treatment of illness. Garlic is rich in antioxidant.

Heart diseases:
Garlic also seems to act as a blood thinner, which may help prevent  heart attacks and strokes.it is widely used for the treatment of heart  diseases. It is used as effective treatment for heart failure and garlic oil  is best after heart attack.

Garlic strengthen the immune system.it also helps to fights against  the  disease like cancer. Studies prove that people who eat garlic in  their food are less likely to get cancer and stomach cancer. Results of many studies have proved that women who regularly ate garlic, fruits, and vegetables had a 35% lower risk of developing colon cancer. It also keeps you away from lungs cancer. Garlic is proved to be best fighter for lungs cancer .It is proved that the people who eat raw garlic have 40% lower risk to catch the lungs cancer.

Flu, cough and for cold:
Garlic is very best treatment for flu, cough, and cold. The people who take garlic stay healthy and keep away from flu and cold. If you often get cold, add garlic to your diet.

Stress and liver function:
Garlic is an herb that is used for healthy liver and to cut down the stress. It maintains the liver functions.

Garlic as antibiotic:
Garlic is used as powerful antibiotic but most of the people are unaware of it.it fights against bacteria which is the main cause of many infections. Garlic has a power to promote the ability of white blood cell and fight against different types of infections.

Healing properties:
Garlic has many healing properties .Due to this properties it is very effective for heart diseases. Prevents from cancer .it is also used for the healing of athlete’s foot. It is also used to control cholesterol.

Garlic is also used for digestion. It helps you to digest the food and function the stomach properly and reducing the excessive activity which can lead to indigestion.

Others uses:
• Garlic is very effective for high blood pressure.
• Garlic may help you to live long.
• Garlic supplement can be useful for athletes.
• Gaelic improves health of bones.
• Makes food tasty and delicious.
• Keep you away from brain cancer.

In this article I have discussed about the benefits and uses of garlic in health and in medical field. Keep visiting Health Tips for more information on some other topic.

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