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Happiness and Health

Health is a blessing of Allah but everyone is not blessed with it. We have seen many people who have everything in life except health. If we deeply think about it health is a key to success but everyone does not know its value. Health is priceless. Most of the stuff in the world can be bought (materialistic stuff at least) except health and happiness. We see a lot people who are rich rough to buy anything they want but cannot buy health. Being a healthy person we all should be thankful to ALLAH Almighty.

Mostly people try to find it in hospitals but happiness is never found there, it is found in one’s own heart and surroundings and it has a deep effect on one’s mental and physical health. There are a lot of factors that can stimulate your health both in good and bad ways.

Health and HappinessFood plays important role for keeping a person strong and healthy. This statement is true but up to some degree. Happiness is a factor that controls a human being. If a person is living in a friendly environment he/she will be able to control his/her body immunity against all types of diseases. Happy person survive longer than the normal person. Happiness enhances one’s beauty and besides being healthy makes the person more attractive and charming. In psychology doctors use to treat mentally ill patients by attaching to them emotionally. Once they start relying on them they will be able to treat them well, as treatment requires complete knowledge of the patient. This is only possible by providing them a happy and friendly environment.

Let’s look into our society according to a survey the people who stay happy because they try to find happiness and peace in little things have an increased there immunity level and it stays enhanced and they become stronger to fight against lethal disease.

There are a lot of hormones which control happiness. Serotonin and dopamine are pleasure hormones which are naturally secreted in our body. Dopamine motivate you to achieve your goal and help in fighting against disease indirectly but sometimes directly also. These all hormones release in response to certain stimuli and are released in small amount. Their place of synthesis and places of accumulation are different. If they are released in large amount they might produce some negative effect in the body. So, balance of everything is useful for us. There are a lot of severe diseases like heart attack, kidney failure etc which act as lethal diseases at some stage. These diseases can be treated by dopamine both in natural and synthetic form. Besides inducing happiness in individuals it also results in the production of immune cells. So finally these cells play important role in getting rid of all these fatal illnesses.

Serotonin can be used in treating mentally ill patients for reducing their depression. The decrease in level of serotonin results in depression anxiety and even panic and severe anger. Naturally serotonin is produced in small amount and gives pleasure to the individuals and makes the patient mentally fit. So basically serotonin is made up of tryptophan which is an amino acid.

So finally we get to know that the health is associated with happiness. And therefore one must keep trying to be happy and make others happy in order to lead a healthy life.

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