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Health Benefits of Coconut Oil


Coconut oil is known as one of the most nutritious oils in the oil community and has various uses in not only health but also beauty and food department. There are many health benefits of Coconut oil and its is the most dense and thick part of a coconut and is found in the white part of the coconut from where it is extracted and then stored. This oil is solid at even room temperature, like butter and has a very tropical and fresh smell. You can use coconut oil in many ways and for many reasons, from which some are mentioned below. Try this amazing oil and see how wonderfully it works for you.

In cooking/drinks:

Not all oils are good for cooking or beneficial for that matter but when we talk about coconut oil, it is known all over the world to be an excellent option for cooking and used in drinks due to many reasons. This oil contains medium chain fatty acids in it which are directly sent to liver for digestion and do not have to go through pancreas or bile, due to which it can be easily taken by diabetes patients as well. Therefore, using this in cooking is very healthy and doesn’t have that many side effects either. Of course the patients of some serious diseases should definitely seek out doctor’s advice before taking anything as food, but for the rest, coconut oil is a very healthy option to use in food.

For solving hair problems:

Coconut OilBeauty is that department for which almost everyone is conscious about and no one likes to take risks in this field. However, due to weather and climatic changes, pollution and some other reasons, out skin and hair get targeted and have to go through so much damage. The good news is that coconut oil is the cure to many health problems involving the hair ones.

  • Dandruff reduction: It is excellent for dandruff reduction and elimination as dandruff is caused as result of dryness. Coconut oil being very dense and nutritious helps in moisturizing the skin scalp and therefore reducing the dandruff.
  • Strength and Shine production: Coconut oil makes the hair smooth and anti-frizz again due to the fact that it is very moisturizing. You hair appear to be rough and frizzy due to dryness and hot humid summers or cold dry winters can damage hair if they are not being properly moisturized. Coconut oil helps cure the damage and hydrates the head skin, making the hair shiny and smooth, causing the elimination of roughness and frizz.

For Weight loss:

Coconut oil is an excellent option for those who want to reduce their weight but can’t stay away from oily/fried food. Like olive oil, this is healthy, nutritious but does not work against the body as the fatty acids get digested in the liver, leaving no fat to be accumulated in the body in the form of cholesterol.

Salad dressings:

Cooking is one thing and salad dressing is another, this is healthy even if you take it just like that, drizzling it a little on your fresh fruit or vegetable salad. Normally people use olive oil for the dressing as they think coconut oil is too thick or less beneficial but honestly, coconut can prove to be more beneficial and healthy if you use it regularly. Also, it is non-greasy and does not make one sick. It is also not very sticky and can be used easily. Try it out and see the wonders.

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