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Health Benefits of Olive Oil


Olive oil, one of the healthiest oils on the planet, is extracted from olives which themselves are considered and proved to be very healthy. There are various health benefits of Olive oil which has been in use of the mankind for a very long time and has many health benefits. For cooking and many other purposes, extra virgin oil is always advised to be used as it doesn’t cause accumulation of cholesterol in the body and is full of nutrition.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil Benefits

Some of the reasons why olive oil is good for your health are mentioned below. Read them carefully to know how this amazing oil can benefit you and your family.

Prevention of a stroke:

A stroke is caused to the unbalanced blood flow in the brain causing the veins to get blocked due to the production of a clot. This may happen due to many reasons but using oils which contain cholesterol can damage the heath more and increase the risk of a stroke. Olive oil however, prevents that risk and is super healthy in that matter.

Protection from heart diseases:

Most of the heart diseases also occur because of the storage of cholesterol which basically blocks the veins and arteries by restricting their diameter. Due to that the blood pressure gets unbalanced causing various heart diseases and eventually leading to a heart attack. Olive oil, due to its non-greasiness and being non-cholesterol oil, helps to prevent such type of heart damage and maintains the health of the heart.

Weight loss:

According to hundreds of studies covering the topic of olive oil and health, it has been proved that olive oil does not increase the risk of weight gain in fact it is very beneficial for weight loss. It is of course full nutrition and healthy factors but it does not make a person fat due to the presence of antioxidants. So if you are looking for a good weight loss plan, don’t forget to replace your regular butter or oil with extra virgin olive oil.

Fights against obesity:

Obesity is one of the biggest problems faced in the developed countries like UK and USA and guess what, olive oil fights that too. As mentioned above, it is non-greasy and also does not get accumulated as fattening fat.

Contains Anti-cancer properties:

Yes cancer is again one of the largest killer diseases of mankind in the 21st century and olive oil is proved to work as an anti-cancer agent. Due to the presence of antioxidants and some other factors, it is very healthy and reduces the risk of cancer by not letting the cells grow abnormally.

Helps cure Rheumatoid Arthritis:

As amazing and magical it sounds, it is true that olive oil is also beneficial for the patients of Rheumatoid arthritis. It helps cure the pain of the joints and increases the chances of complete cure from the painful problem. When combined with fish oil and taken in food, olive oil proves to be an excellent agent for treating the joints problem and therefore, Arthritis patients must increase the intake of this oil along with fish oil.

So try out Olive oil not for treating and curing the diseases only but also for other healthy purposes as it prevents damage of the body in many ways. Other than health it also has immense uses in beauty and is used all over the world for it.

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