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Problems by Sleeping Late at Night

Yes we all are charmed by the night and all the peace, silence and calm it brings. Those silent long winter nights with a warm cup of coffee or soup and a magnetic book or novel you are reading. Who wants to sleep when everyone else is asleep and you have no one around you to tell you that you have not finished your work and that get up and do this and do that. I personally enjoy this time of the night and that is exactly why I am jotting down this article at night. However staying wake late at night once in a while is not too big of a risk but the habit of becoming or staying a night owl is something everyone must be concerned about. In this article I am going to share some very serious health hazards of staying wake late at night and how one can avoid such situations.

Sleep/wake cycle:

Effects of Staying Awake Late at NightThe sleep wake cycle of humans is designed by The Creator in such a way that our bodies need rest at night and the whole mechanism starts to get slow when night falls and during the day the body feels energetic and active. By reversing that natural cycle which is also known as the circadian rhythm, we not only damage the brain which feels dizzy and sleepy all the time but the physical health also gets badly affected.

Dark circles:

Have you noticed you or someone you know gets dark circles under their eyes when they either don’t get enough sleep or they sleep most of the day and work or watch TV at night. Yes that is exactly why this happen, the physical health, as I said and doctors have proved, gets badly affected by staying wake late night and this shows not only in activity but also on face. The eyes appear to be puffy and feel to be heavy.


Most of the people who have been seen to stay wake late at night and sleep most of the day have complained about continuous and reappearing headaches and that really is mostly connected to their wrong sleeping patterns. Forcing the body to stay awake when it needs to shut down and forcing it to sleep when it needs to go out and absorb sun, definitely has its consequences.


Obesity is normally not associated with night but scientifically speaking, staying wake and eating at night causes the cholesterol to get accumulated in the body and due to no calorie burn, this is the reason people become obese. Waking up early in the morning lets you do some physical activity somehow and therefore the body becomes healthy.

Slow brain activity:

This is something no one wants as the brain is the most powerful and most important part of a person’s body. But staying wake late night for too long causes the brain to slow down and the activity process of it gets much slower day by day causing the mind to start forgetting things easily and quickly.

So in order to avoid all these problems one must try to sleep early at night and rise early in the morning.

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