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The Healthiest Food For Winter

Winter is in its full boom these days in many areas of Pakistan. It is considered a time of getting dressed and eating heavy food. That is actually not possible in hot summers. Cozy season comes silently with its own variety of food for the mankind. Winter cool breeze can be treacherous for health. So safety and security should be your first priority. Healthy Food can save you from many ailments. Some items are especially the gift of this season. Here are 5 of the healthiest food you should eat this winter to save yourself and your family from sickness.



Peanuts are full of nutritional elements.

In every winter there is a craving for peanuts. It contains healthy nutritional elements in it. Eating peanuts twice or thrice in a week prevent coronary heart disease and make your heart strong. Peanuts in roasted form or peanut butter in morning meals protect you from gallstone. They are also added in dishes made of semolina and jaggery. Chocolate and desserts also tastes yummy with a handful amount of peanuts.



Walnuts are good for brain and heart.

It is said that walnuts shape is like human brain and it helps you make your mind healthy. They are considered suitable for diabetic, heart and blood pressure patients. Walnuts are full of nutrients and a big source of vitamin E. Nutritionists recommend that its skin is also good for health eat it if you can, because its bitter taste may keep you away.



Fish is the healthiest creation of Allah.

Fish in fried and cooked form tastes delicious and a special part of feasts and celebrations. It is said to be the healthiest creation of Allah. Along with its beauty and various forms, it contains several health benefits. Fish is filled with omega 3 that is the need of our body. According to doctors Fatty fishes like sardines, trout and tuna are healthiest. Growing kids must eat fish of any type to get strong body. It gives iodine, protein, vitamins and minerals.

Chicken Corn Soup

chicken corn soup

Chicken corn soup is best for winters.

Everyone knows the benefits of chicken and the list of recipes of chicken are infinite. In todays modern world of knowledge chicken corn soups are prepared easily at home in different ways. It is a part of winter meals and yummy in taste. Ready made chicken corn soups are available in markets that can be cooked in few minutes. But they are not beneficial for your loved ones. So prepare it with fresh clean chicken, corn seeds and minced eggs to get advantage.


Add oatmeal in your diet in winter as physical activities are less in this cold season. Lack of water intake can cause dehydration.  One bowl of this healthy food helps you to loose weight easily. Eat it at night as night meal should be light. Usually old age people take this because they are unable to eat other things but i think everyone should add this food in diet. Enjoy this weather to its full and take advantage from the Almighty blessings. Stay healthy to live happily.


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