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Healthy Uses of Sugar

SugarWhenever talking about a healthy diet plan or weight loss, the one thing which everyone will tell u to cut off completely from your life is SUGAR. This is true that most of the time, obesity is a result of sugar and fats and a couple of other factors but they too when taken uncontrolled. However it is also rightly said that nothing in this world is created trashy by The Creator. Every single thing has its benefits and it plays a role in the betterment of the world. However, how you use that thing is an entirely different conversation and topic. The kind of sugar and the benefits I am talking about here is exactly that sweet (too sweet actually) sugar we find in our homes. I was watching a documentary and found some great uses of this common sugar and brown sugar so here you go, listed below are some healthy uses of sugar and benefits of sugar which will help you a lot in your daily routine. Now you don’t have to cut off this sweet entirely from your life, use it in a controlled manner and also take in as a food in small quantities to full fill the glucose requirements of body.

Brown sugar foot scrub:

Yes a lot of DIY scrubs contain sugar in them as the hard sugar particles tend to exfoliate the skin and all the dead cells get removed from the skin. Brown sugar when mixed with your usual daily use soap can also work wonders on your skin and make those hard heels softer if you keep applying it for a couple of days or weeks, depending on your foot condition. The best part is that this method of exfoliation does not have a side effect as sugar/brown sugar does not cause rashes or itchiness on skin or other health problems.

Face scrub:

Face is a sensitive portion of the body and one never wants to try on it anything which might cause skin problems. However sugar is an excellent face scrub and it has no side effects. The chemicals in industry made scrubs, exfoliators and other cosmetic products causes many side effects on the skin and sometimes if the product doesn’t suit the skin, it causes rashes and redness or itchiness and many other skin diseases or infections. The best thing about sugar is, it does not have any such harsh chemicals and all you need to do is, take a lemon, dip it in grinded white sugar or brown sugar and gently massage on skin. This works as the best natural exfoliator, scrub and even cleanser.

Remove food smell from hands:

Another important use of sugar which not many people know is that it helps to remove the food smell off your hands when you have worked with edibles like onion or garlic or even tomato which cause a problem and take quite some time to get their smell off the hands. Take some hand wash and use sugar with it to wash hands. Although a fragranced hand wash would work as well.

Hair removal wax:

Sugar, lemon and honey when mixed in specific quantities are used as the natural treatment to remove body hair and this works as the best natural cleaner as this doesn’t have side effects and all ingredients are natural.

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