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Remedies to Make Eye Healthy

Eyes are one of the most precious blessings of the mighty creator and we should take care of them. Eyes are very sensitive organs so taking care of them is a bit hard but also     very fun. The most common types of eye problems that most of the times occur are the dark circles followed by puffiness then further followed by itchiness and finally long lashes. The details and the treatments about these eye problems are shown below.

Dark circles:

Dark circles are the black spots that you can see around your eyes if you sleep too much or if you sleep too less and this is very common for those who are awake at night and for those who sleep at day time.

Natural treatment:

Healthy EyesThe treatments that can help you get rid of this are that if you put cucumber slices on your eyes and if you are thinking that this is for whitening your eyes then your just confused because if your eyes whiten from this so your eyes automatically cure from the black circles. You can also cure these dark circles with the help of cotton dipped in milk and then massaged on the dark circles and lastly you can also cure them by putting mashed potato’s on the dark circles.


Puffiness is the swelling that occurs mostly on eyes when you eat rice before sleeping but this is not the only reason. there are other reason for this and the ways to cure them are also shown below. This is not painful at all but it does affect your eyesight and of course your looks. This is the kind of problem that you don’t want to happen to you if you are sensitive about your looks.

Natural treatment:

To cure puffiness you can wrap an ice cube in a cloth and then lightly massage on the eyes and you can also try to cure this by washing you’re face with cold water for a few minutes.


itchiness is caused by environmental problems like dust and pollution and this itchiness then converts into infections and bigger diseases. If you are relieved with the the home remedies shown below then great but if not then we recommend to please get a proper check up from a doctor.

Natural treatment:

Putting cold milk in your eyes is one cure for this and putting rose water in the eyes is also as much good as putting cold milk and you can also wash you’re eyes in cold water but do see a doctor only if necessary.

Thin lashes:

thin lashes are thing feared mostly by women because most women love to have thick and black eye lashes and this is also a problem for those who have eye problems as the thick eyelashes prevent the dust and pollution from infecting your eyes.

Apply Caster Oil:

To make eyelashes grow thick, long and attractive apply castor oil and for softness of eyelashes you can use coconut oil and you can also use almond oil and both of these also eliminate wrinkles if used regularly. Stay safe and enjoy these helpful home remedies.

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