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How Cancer Occurs

Cancer is one of the most dangerous and dreadful diseases in the world. We all should know how cancer occurs? As by knowing this we can take care of our body and in this way prepare ourselves to fight against cancer. A person’s body is working properly and suddenly mutation occurs and leads to cancer. Actually in our body there are multi signals which control the growth of the body. These signals should be stop otherwise our body cell keeps on dividing excessively and disturb our normal state.

Almighty Allah has made a very unique system in our body. I have told you first that mutation which is change in nucleotide sequence of DNA leads to cancer. But cancer formation is multistep disease. Cancer is controlled by more than one gene in our body. You might know that there are two types of genes which result in cancer.

  • Onco genes: In our body protogenes are found which actually controls the division of cell, which cell has to divide and at which time it has to divide. They are called as good When mutation take place they are transformed to oncogenes referred as bad genes. There natural function is deactivated due to any mutation in the DNA and the cell begins to divide in uncontrollable manner which helps in arising cancer.
  • Tumor suppressor genes: They are also present in our body to control the apoptosis (Cell death and growth). These genes help in suppressing the tumor development. There are two copies of tumor suppressor genes in our body. If mutation occurs in one of the copy of tumor suppressor gene, the tumor formation will not take place. If first mutation occurs in the parental body and the second mutation occur in daughter cell then the formation will begin.

Normal Cells Vs Cancer Cells

The cancer cells can be

  • Inherited
  • Non-inherited

The mutation keeps on accumulating and leads to cancer. We know that every reaction needs an enzyme to take place and enzyme are protein in nature and can be changed due to any stimulus. The stimulus can be physical or chemical. Once an enzyme structure changed the substrate cannot be attached to the active site and the reaction will stop.  Sometimes the change leads to mosaic enzyme structure.  It could be similar in structure but results in different product. If one product is changed in series of reaction, the normality will be destroyed.

Cancer can also arise due to the type of food we eat. For example a person habitual of using tobacco will leads to different type of cancer:

  • Nasal cancer
  • Lungs cancer
  • Mouth cancer

Hence we should have healthy food to eat as it plays a very important role for body to grow normally. An interesting fact about cancer is every person in the world has cancer cells produced in body 5 times per year but our immune system destroys these cells. Sometimes these cancer cells weaken the immune system and helps in the establishment of cancer

Another important point is chances of cancer to occur increases with the age. The frequency of cancer is found to be high in people of more than 65 years because our immune system become weak and cannot fight against cancer cells. I hope this information will be useful for you to know about how cancer occurs?

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