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How Do Plants Help to Prevent Cancer

Cancer is a monster which takes us away from life. Our earth has different plants in different levels. There are many natural remedies about which person have no ideas. In plants there are many nutrients that boost up our immune system and can continuously fight against the cancer cells to defeat them.

The plants are named as medicinal herbs or food medicine. They are as following:

  1. If we use to eat salad in our daily routine it gives us lycopene. It is a red carotenoid pigment, mainly it is found in tomato, berries and water melon. It is observed that the person taking lycopene in his/her diet will be less exposed to cancer.
  2. Viscum album is a plant used to increase the immunity of body to fight against cancer.
  3. Taxus brevifolia contains taxol which is a compound found in pacific yew (coniferous tree) able to fight against cancer cells.
  4. Echinacea resembles sunflower in appearance but of purplish colour helpful in eliminating cancer cell.
  5. Hypericum is also plants having yellow flowers helps in the detection of cancer cells inside the body and also control its spread.
  6. Trifolium pratense is plant with purplish flower having spiny appearance used as a fighter against cancer cells.
  7. Black papper is used in cooking for spicy taste also helps the cells not to get mutated and reduce the formation of cancer cells.
  8. Beta vulgaris is a sugar beet which helps in renewing the cells hence decreasing the number of cancer cells.
  9. Cabbage also reduces the risk of cancer.
  10. Garlic besides giving taste to the food help in improving the immunity of body.
  11. Apple contains antioxidant which prevents the cells to go under oxidation and help the cells to function properly reducing the risk of cancer.
  12. Spirulina is a cynobacteria which is eaten by human being whose chlorophyll helps in the prevention of different types of cancer.
  13. Caraway (zeera and sonph) in form seed is used in food and helps in the reduction of cancer.
  14. Maitake is an edible mushroom contains some chemicals which reduce the cancer by preventing it to spread.
  15. Lime (meetha) is also capable of reducing cancer.
  16. Turnip contains glycosinolate which act as antioxidant and anticancer. It is essential diet for cancer.
  17. Soya milk or soya flour help in reduction of cancer cell because it rich in isoflavin.

So, the winter foods are considered best for treating many types of cancer as they helps in boosting up the immunity level. Let’s compare the Asian with American. We use to cook food by adding many of the food items mentioned above for the prevention of cancer. The quality of food always matter. It is a blessing for us that we are eating vegetables and fruits in more amount than other northern or southern countries. We really not have an idea about the medical properties of these vegetables. We are only eating them without knowing their essentiality for the body. Natural treatment always helps the body to fight against any sort of disease. So the scientist should extract these compounds from plants for curing cancer.

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