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Health and Quran

Holy QuranQuran is a book of miracles nonscientific in nature but has many scientific facts in it. These facts are revealed slowly by use of manmade technologies. Quran is a gift of ALLAH for the whole mankind and it is proved by the scientists that the kind of life Holy Quran advises the humans to lead is exactly the kind of life which is considered healthy. In this article we will discuss how health and Quran are related and what Quran guides us in the vast field of health and what is mentioned in this miraculous Holy book about it.

Some people misuse health and become a headache for others. We should not destroy the container of our soul. Quran has medical miracles as well. By reciting Holy Quran we can have idea about the cure of disease and the different ways of keeping our body fit.

Cleanliness is Half Faith:

Allah ordered cleanliness and referred it as “Half Faith”. Allah Almighty is pure and ordered us to select purity. Cleanliness reduces growth of infectious agent. In pathology (study of disease) cleanliness comes first.

Wazu plays important role in making a body healthy. It is referred as washing out all the exposed body parts for the sake of getting purity.

ALLAH Almighty says;

“O believers, when you stand up to pray, wash your faces, and your hands up to the elbows, and wipe your heads, and your feet up to the ankles. If you are defiled, purify yourselves…”


Fasting also helps in providing a break to digestive system and helps in lowering of cholesterol.

It helps in establishing immunity against the disease. It helps in maintaining the metabolic processes inside the body. It also maintains the level of secretions of hormones which affect our behavior. ALLAH Almighty says:

“Every act of the son of Adam is for him, except fasting. It is meant (exclusively) for Me and I give reward for it.”


Prophet (PBUH) advised to use honey because it is ordered by ALLAH in Quran. Honey has most of the vitamins and minerals in it. It cures all the diseases except aging. Honey has no side effects.


Dates, a gift of Allah help in maintaining metabolic activities. The Names of these fruits have been mentioned in Quran.

Recitation of Holy Quran

Besides these all recitation of Holy Quran helps in purification of soul. The sound of Quran helps in establishing the peace of soul. The versus of Holy Quran are very effective to cure of any type of disease. Each and every word of Quran is magical in preventing lethal diseases. If a person is reciting Holy Quran near a patient he/she will definitely have the increase in the production of WBcs (white blood cell) and the immune system starts working more efficiently and effectively.

Researchers have revealed that a brain of a Muslim (who recites Holy Quran) works more efficiently than a person who doesn’t recite the Holy Quran brain. And that is not because of being called as a Muslim, but because whoever recites Holy Quran gets all the troubles removed from his life.

The word Salat (prayer) is repeated in Quran many times. It helps in providing the strength to the muscles and makes the bones strong. Sajood help in circulation of blood from heart to all parts of body and helps in enhancing the fitness of a person. Circulation of blood helps in removal of toxic chemicals out of body through kidneys.

There is no disease which does not have its cure… ALLAH made cure before the disease

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