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Role of a Healthy Diet

Good Nutrients play important role in building up a strong body and also helpful in fighting against the chronic disease and leads to healthy life style. Healthy diet leads to maintaining of proper both physical and mental conditions of body.

Healthy SaladIf a body is not taking proper nutrition it will surely be prone to chronic and lethal diseases and imbalance in the body metabolic activities. Children with poor diet mainly face the problem of little growth rate and development of their body parts. In short we can say that healthy diet acts as a working fuel. By getting healthy diet we will be mentally fresh and can perform all sorts of activities. A diet which is nutritious and healthy is responsible for proper growth of body parts. There is less risk of getting chronic disease. You feel more active while performing the daily tasks and chores.

Healthy diet results in loss of weight .The accumulation of fats and carbohydrates leads to obesity. This problem can only be cured by taking proper nutrients and having a healthy routine which involves exercise and balanced sleep cycle and eating cycle. It also plays important role in growth of mental health. It helps in boosting up the energy for performing various activities and helps in lowering of mental disorders.

The role of a healthy diet is also to enhance your beauty. It includes eating vegetables and fruits that lead to less accumulation of toxic substances .It produces a charming glow in ones skin. The skin appears fresh because of getting proper nutrients and the aging signs become smooth and slower.

It helps in boosting up the body immunity system against the severe diseases by increasing the number of RBcs and Wbcs that fight all the harmful agents inside the body. There are a lot of diseases like diabetes, Blood pressure deficiencies etc which results from improper nutrients and lack of the essential elements in one’s diet. It helps in reducing the rate of cancer which can occur from the wrong kind of diet.

Healthy food can fight against inflammation of stomach. BY eating spicy and fast food people are getting more and more diseases and obesity. These are all due to addition of artificial flavors which have many side effects. For example there are a lot of energy drinks which boost up your energy level for some time but actually add some non-degradable chemicals to your body.

There are a lot of healthy foods including dietary fibers, Milk, cheese, yogurt, Nuts , dry beans meat etc.

There are many seasonal allergies which occur to weak person having a poor diet. They can get diseases more easily than the healthy person. As we know that

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

The healthy diet helps to provide proper sleep to the person. Proper sleep is essential for the relaxation of our mind. Otherwise it will lead to panic and severe headache. The person will feel uncomfortable and will not be able to do any type of work properly.

Healthy food helps in providing better health from inside and outside and leads to healthy state. This all results from proper diet.

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