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Salad is Essential For Diet

Salad is composed of green leaves vegetables. It is taken as diet food general. Salad is the healthy option. They are nutrients rich because green leaves have a lots of vitamins, proteins, fiber, calcium and minerals in it.This food is healthy food, they do not contain cholesterol. They are naturally low in calories and sodium. It promotes the long term health. Salad is also essential for skin; it keeps you away from acne. Salad is best way to get vitamin C from it.Many studies show that eating salad keeps away from heart diseases, cancer and many more. There are plenty benefits of salad. Here are some of them.


Healthy Salad For All

Benefits of salads:
• Salads are delicious.
• Provide you fiber.
• Eat salad and decrease calories.
• Salads are crunch and munch.
• Salads are fast to make.
• It increase vegetables intake.
• Salad can be easily digested.
• Salads are light food.
• Good for skin.
• Good alternate of fast food.
• Good treatment for diseases.

Ideas for making salad:

Carrot salad:
Take some carrots, add potatoes, small quantity of pepper and salt it.Add lemon juice for good flavor.

Beans salad:
It is very simple salad but full of taste and healthy for diet. Take boiled red beans, add tomatoes and potatoes, pepper, salt, mushrooms, onions, and add lemon for good taste. Mix it well it is ready for you, enjoy the healthy salad with great taste.

Lettuce salad:
Lettuce is full of nutrients and it is healthy bite. In general, the darker the leaf, the more nutrients it will contain. Oak leaf lettuce contains more nutrients.

Herb salad:
Herbs are very good for health and pure food for you. You can completely change the flavor of salads by adding different fresh herbs like coriander, basil, mint, chives and parsley and many more.

Cheese salad:
Take sliced tomatoes in a bowl and any green leaf vegetable. Add salt and cheese in it. It will be great in taste and unique for you. Try to take change salads every day so that you do not get bored.

Yogurt salad:
Yogurt salad is good for your skin and keeps you energetic whole day. Add yogurt in a bowl, cucumber, potatoes, and small chicken piece for good taste. Add lemon juice, pepper and salt in it mix it well and enjoy the tasty salad good for your diet.

Chicken salad:
This salad is composed of chicken and full of taste along with a lot of nutrients. Add mayonnaise, Parmesan, lemon juice, garlic, sauce, and pepper in a bowl. Mix well. Serve with homemade juice. It will refresh your day.

Fruit salad:
Fruit salad is very good option for you to add in your diet and it is very simple salad. For this salad you need grapefruit, orange and chopped pineapple, add them together and mix it.it is ready to eat. You can also add fruits of your own choice in order to make salad of your own taste.

Chicken and vegetables salad:
This salad is composed of chicken and vegetables. Take a piece of chicken and roast it.Take a bowl and add chicken, peppers, eggs, scallions, and the reserved beans. Drizzle the dressing over the salad.

In this article I have shared different types of salad with you that will be very helpful for you to get ideas and prepare salad for yourself. For more Health Tips please keep on visiting Tips.PK.

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