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Side Effects of Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are used to boost up the energy level of human body. Energy drinks contain many stimulants including some alkaloids like caffeine. Caffeine is an alkaloid which is used to boost up the energy level and helps in making the body active and alert.

Energy DrinksThese drinks give you a temporary energy boost and results in loss of sleep. Consumption of one energy drink does not lead to the accumulation of caffeine but if we take in caffeine more, then it leads to the high storage of caffeine which is harmful for our body. There are many side effects of energy drinks if you use them more than the limits.

Tremor or shaking is a rhythmic muscles movement of body in to and fro manner which leads to shaking of hands ,arms ,legs etc .This is caused when there is more than adequate usage of energy drinks.

Tachycardia is a disease which causes abnormal heart rate. A person suffering from this disease has faster heart beat rate than a normal person. It affects the electrical impulses that control the heart pumping action.

Restlessness is a condition in which the person is unable to relax and have feelings of agitation. Restlessness cause disturbance of nervous system and the person to sleep improperly.

Gastrointestinal upset is a condition in which our digestive system is primarily disturbed. It includes stomach upset, improper digestion weird abdominal pain diarrhea and constipation.

Chest pain is caused by the muscles pains which can leads to the heart attack. The more use of energy drinks results in improper working of muscles. It occurs in many forms including from sharp stab to severe ache. It is also known as ischemia.

Energy drinks have dreadful effects on the human body it causes dehydration. According to a survey over use of energy by the people cause them to face a lot of problems. It also causes your mouth dry. It cause problem in urination. The body starts feeling a little queasy. It makes a person addict and person cannot survive without in taking it as drink.

Besides providing a lot of energy it also contains a lot of sugar in it. This stored sugar leads to diabetes. One of the most convincing reasons to quit energy drinks is it increases the level of anxiety and the person suffer from confusion. It also results in loss of hunger. The stomach gets filled with energy drinks and result in improper digestion. But if a person controls the amount of energy drink the hormones of your body can trigger hunger depends on how much hungry you are. It also results in increase of obesity and swelling of tongue. It is responsible for causing a lot of allergies. It is also responsible for severe headache, bursting of blood vessels, Hypertension, weak vision. The person cannot concentrate on their work and feels that nothing is real.

Energy drinks act like a monster as it possess you. They temporary provide us with artificial energy but have long lasting affects o the human body. These drinks can turn a normal healthy person to a dead body. The only way to avoid it is start drinking water instead of energy drink. The immune system will start functioning properly and we will really find our health becoming better day by day.

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