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Smoking is Fashion OR Poison

Tobacco. Tumor causing, teeth staining, smelly, puking habit. ~Arizona

Smoking is now a fashion statement for all Youngsters. People feel themselves more stylish and fashionable when they smoke. There are large numbers of people who smoke and they start smoking when they are in school or collages. Young children are involved in this habit through many reasons like media advertising, peer pressure, social benefits, stress relief and parents influence. People take this as cool activity without knowing that it is harmful for their health.

smoking and healthCigarettes:

Smoking helps you lose weight — one lung at a time! ~”Alfred E. Neuman”

The intensity of one cigarette is very harmful for health. The chemical in cigarettes it reduces the oxygen-carrying ability of our red blood cells, this chemical is very dangerous as it 200 times more attractive to our blood than oxygen. As the lungs are no longer able to supply our bodies with enough oxygen, we start to have issues with our breathing as we try to take in more oxygen, and also put our heart under immense strain as it tries to supply us our organs and muscles with enough oxygen. It affects the lungs system that is very harmful for health.

Smoking cause of cancer:
Smoking leads towards to cancer. It is something misconception among people that smoking leads to just lungs cancer but also cause of mouthy, stomach, kidneys, bladder, cervix, bone marrow and blood cancer. Smoking contributes 90% towards death among men and women.

Smoking and respiratory system:
Smoking is very harmful for respiratory system. When you inhale smoke, you’re taking in substances and such substance that can damage your lungs. Over time, your lungs lose their ability to filter harmful chemicals and it is harmful for your entire system. Children whose parents smoke are more exposed to coughing, wheezing, and asthma attacks than children and as compare to those parents don’t. They also tend to have more ear infections and certain infection of skin. Children of smokers are more exposed to different disease.smoking a fashion

Smoking and digestive system:
These problems can lead to tooth decay, tooth loss, and bad breath that is very dangerous for health. Smoking also increases the mouth cancer and throat cancer. The people who smoke are at the risk of mouth cancer. Smoking creates problem in digestive system of body.It also makes people to suffer from different kind of cancer.

Smoking and bones:
There are many researches shows that smoking has impact over bones. Smoking just not give you cancer but also effects bones. It weakens the bone. Significant bone loss has been found in older women and men who smoke. Quitting smoking appears to reduce the risk for low bone mass and fractures. However, it may take several years to lower a former smoker’s risk. In addition smoking from an early age puts women at even higher risk of heart attack.

Smoking and Heart attack:
The chemical and the substance in the tobacco smoke affect the blood cells and damage the function of heart. It is the cause of blood related and chest pains. It brings blood pressure high.

In this article I have discussed many disadvantages of smoking. It will be beneficial for you. Keep visiting Tips.pk for more information on some other topic.

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