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Tips to Prevent Drowsiness in Summer

Summer is that time of the year when due to too much heat and humidity one feels dizzy all the time. Mostly people consider winter as the month of hibernation as due to cold and chilling weather, no one wants to get out of the sheets and go out, but in winter, one feels at least a little fresh. However in summer, a lot of warmth can make one drowsy and lazy and therefore many don’t or can’t feel like working or getting up. Summer drowsiness is very common and according to various surveys conducted by United States of America, in summers many people like to work at night because they consider that time to be a little less hot than the day.

Drowsiness in SummerBut those of you who do not like to stay up late or at least don’t want to work at night, there is always a way out of this laziness. If you follow a healthy summer routine to beat the heat and also feel active, you can actually be successful in fighting the drowsiness and daytime sleeping. Follow these simple steps and you can be an energetic active person even in warmest of summers.

Get up early:

People think of summer as a resting time and therefore spend almost all of it staying in bed late and getting up late. You must have observed that when you get up late, you feel lazy and when you get up early, you feel active. This is not a coincidence in fact it is the case with almost everybody. When you get up early in the morning, your biological clock follows the nature’s law of waking up and therefore you feel active. Try to get up early in the morning even in summers/holidays; you can take a nap later in the day.

Take a bath/swim:

Water is loved by all in summers and sure it refreshes like nothing else. It is advisable to take a bath or a swim daily when you wake up. This makes you refreshed instantly as the cooling effect of water takes away all the laziness of the warm weather. A bath will also cool your body temperature and you can last through the day feeling less irritated or drowsy due to heat.

A proper breakfast:

Everyone knows that the breakfast is the one meal which is very important for us, but do you know that when you take a proper meal in the morning, it beats that laziness almost everyone becomes a victim of in summers. A meal in the morning will give the body nutrition and energy required to last the day and carry out the daily chores. Skipping breakfast also results in daytime napping (excessive) due to deficiency of energy in the body.

Exercise and stretching:

A morning walk is the best way to start your day actively but if you don’t have an environment for a walk, you can always activate your muscles and body through exercise. There are many easy stretching exercises one can do which will allow body to sweat and stretch which causes body and mind to relax and be energetic.

Take plenty of fluids:

Drinking water is the best medicine but along with it, you can also take fresh juices and other healthy fluids like smoothies and shakes. Try to take small meals throughout the day instead of drinking or eating a lot at the same time. This also makes body be active and fresh along with burning calories side by side.

Short naps:

Short naps are also good for health and body. If you want to sleep, you can always take a nap at around noon. This will freshen you up for evening tasks.

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