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Types of Headache

Over 45 million Americans suffer from headaches and most of them suffer from migraines according to the national headache foundation, they also suffer the chronic and recurring headaches. Significant headaches are also suffered by more than 15% of the children. This is only the amount of Americans to suffer from headaches so you can only just imagine the number of people to suffer from around our enormous world.

The different types of headaches:

Woman Having HeadacheThere are several kinds of headaches to be a bit more precise by research doctors have found more than 150 types of headaches so we can’t just know about every kind by reading only this small article. The most common headaches which make millions of people suffer are:

Tension headaches:

The tension headaches are also called the chronic daily headaches or they are sometimes known as the chronic non-progressive headaches. The tension headaches are still till this day the most common headaches among the adults and the adolescents this means that over 50% of the adults and adolescents who are suffering from headaches are suffering from this kind of headache. In this kind of headache the muscles contract and this causes a headache between mild to moderate and this headache stays for a prolonged period of time and then goes away.

Migraine is the kind of headache of which the causes are yet to this day unknown and no one knows that how it was caused or how to fix it. There is still no known way to mankind which can be used to cure this horrifying headache. But there is a theory known as the neurovascular theory which says that various triggers cause abnormal brain activity and this in turn causes changes in blood vessels and this causes the pain but there are also other ways by which the pain is caused. The migraine pain comes in the category of the moderate to severe and it is often described by patients that it is a pounding and throbbing pain. The migraine headaches can last from 4 hours to 3 days and it is usually occurred one to four times a month and if the headache is too severe then it could occur often. Migraines are connected with most of the symptoms like sensitivity to light, noise and odors, vomiting, loss of appetite, dizziness and fatigue and a lot of others.

Cluster headaches:

Cluster HeadacheCluster headaches basically take part in mostly the center of the forehead and one can describe them as a combination of different kind of pains. The headaches can be caused due to various reasons involving stress, some disease symptoms, heat or other reasons. These headaches are not genetic and anyone can get them in any part of their life. The reason it is called as cluster headache is because it is a cluster of various headaches on different parts of head and can be very frustrating. These headaches mostly last from 2 hours to 4 hours but one must have a complete checkup from them doctor if the pain doesn’t go away for a long time. These can be symptoms of any other disease as well which people often mix with normal headache.

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