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Unhygienic Food and Diseases

It is said that you look what you eat. Eating habits are really important for health. An unhealthy food is the cause of diseases and infections that are serious for health. Unhygienic food is bad for health. Unhygienic fast food causes severe internal diseases like constipation, nausea, heart problems, and constipation etc., that damage health and affects the health badly. The purpose of cleanliness is to look healthy and smart. Here are some unhygienic food and diseases caused by them.

Unhygienic surrounding for food:Fastfood
• No hand washing habits
• Unclean environment
• Dirty uniform
• Rotten food
• Used oil for frying

Canned food:
Canned goods are a good option if you’re buying fruits or vegetables that are not in season but canned food is sometime not good for health. Canned food is not alternate of fresh vegetables. Sometimes this canned food is expired that is very harmful for health. Canned food is high in sugar due to addition of syrups. Another disadvantage of tined food, unfortunately, it also increases the calories. Try to use fresh vegetable for the sake of good health.

Food poisoning:
People suffer from food poison when they eat food that is rotten and expired food. Food poisoning occurs when food is made in unhygienic surrounding. Sometimes people buy that food which is out dated and it is tinned. It is very harmful for health that can food can harmful for you. It results in vomiting.

Acidity is due to the consumption of oily food. Oily food is not good for health it also increase the weight. It creates the acidity in stomach. It is the burning sensation in the chest. The symptoms of acidity are heart burn and ulcer formation. Add calcium to your diet is very effective for the treatment of acidity.

Stomach disorder:
Stomach disorder is very common problem that mostly people face.Unhygenic food leads you towards stomach disorder. Street foods and food that is available in stalls are not good for health. People who are used to eat this stuff suffer from pain in stomach.

Facing acne:
Eating junk food is unhealthy for health. Junk food is composed of artificial colors, oil and unhealthy material. This food usually results in acne and oily skin. It affects the skin in harmful way. The fats in nuts, flaxseed, dairy, and meat do not cause excess oil production in your skin. Even butter, cheese, and white pizza are safe for acne. Avoid oily products in the daily diet.

Obesity is the major problem due to unhygienic food. Junk food and stress food contains sugar, salt and fats etc. All these are very bad for the body in higher concentrations. It directly affects the body’s metabolism process. Obesity leads towards weight gain. Always eat the food which is made at home.

Halitosis is commonly known as bad breath is a disease of the mouth. In this situation patient suffer from bad smell. Unhygienic food is main cause of bad breath.

Health is very important issue government should take positive steps in order to protect the health of public and media should create awareness about this issue.

In this article I have discussed many facts about unhygienic food and diseases; it will be beneficial for you. Keep visiting Tips.pk for more information on some other topic.

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