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Miracles of The Uses of Lemon

Lemon is the vitamin C rich fruit which is used to enhance the beauty and protect health. It is essential for ski a d help to remove kidney stone, good for teeth’s, helps in digestion food. People use lemon to make lemonade by mixing lemon with water also use as a washing agent to remove stains. It helps to prevent diabetes, constipation, high blood pressure, fever, indigestion and many other problems, as well as improving the skin, hair. Improves the function of blood. Small amount of lemon is used in spices, pickle, foods, sauces, salad dressings, different drinks and desserts. It is also used in medical field. It gives dynamic taste to food.

Benefits of Lemon:
i) Lemon and cancer prevention
It is very essential for health, lemon juice is best treatment for cancer it fight against radical that can cause cancer.
ii) Maintain skin
As lemon contain vitamin C it is good for skin it repairs the skin damage, skin texture, complexion, wrinkles, provides the shine to skin.
iii) Boosting immune system
Lemon has a power to fight against the germs that are the reason for cold and flu.it helps to maintain the diet. It is packed with vitamins C helps to boost immune system.
iv) Dental care
Lemon has magical effects in dental field lemon juice is very effective for toothache, massaging lemon juice on gums will keep bleeding away from teeth. Helps to keep away diseases and remove bad smell.
v) Hair care
Lemon is used for the treatment of hair for a long period of time. Lemon juice is applied on scalp of skin to keep away dandruff, hair loss, and all the problems related to hairs and scalp. If you apply lemon juice to hairs directly it will provide you with shine.
vi) Weight loss
Lemon is considered as best treatment for weight loss mix lemon juice with water and put honey in it you will see the magical treatment of lemon in few days.
vii) Cholera
Diseases like cholera and malaria can be treated with lemon juice, because it acts as a blood purifier.
viii) Indigestion and Constipation
Lemon juice helps to cure problems related to indigestion and constipation. Add a few drops of lemon in glass and it will helps in digestion. Lemon acts as a blood purifier and a cleansing agent, so a good drink after lunch or dinner is fresh lemon soda, which is also called fresh lime soda.
ix) Clean internal system
Enhance the enzyme function, stimulating your liver. Keep you healthy and fit.
x) Boost energy
Lemon juice provides energy to body and it also helps reduce anxiety and depression.
xi) Fever
Lemon has the status of doctor it can also treat the fever who is suffering from cold and flu and any kind of fever.it helps to break fever.
xii) Eye problems
Lemon has a best treatment for eye problem it helps to maintain the health of eye and fight against the problem of eyes.
xiii) Foot Relaxation
Lemon is an antiseptic agent and is useful in foot relaxation. Add some lemon juice to warm water and dip your feet in the mixture for reliever and muscle relaxation.
xiv) Control high blood pressure
Lemon is very effective for heart problems. It controls high blood pressure, dizziness, and nausea, has a good effects on mind and body. It helps in to end depression and mental stress. Keeps your body healthy and smart.

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