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I am doctor by profession, I always love to take care of my patients. Article writing is my passion. I have launched this website to share tips about health, fashion, beauty and daily life tips with common people.

Tips For Failing Students


Well, in this era the toughest life is a life of a failure. A failure, who fails in his/her exams and education life. From all 4 sides he/she only listens harsh words and demotivating sentences, I know that feel because am one of them. That’s true, I failed in Intermediate exams. The failure subject was […]

Blessings Of Excercise


Movement is the best medicine. (Dr Donald A Ozello) We all knew this exercise is very important for our health. If we want to take active part in our routine life then exercise is considered very important. It is a common observation those people who regularly do exercise are more active and in good moods […]

Mango: The King Of Fruit


God has given many blessing mango is one of them. Mango as you knows the king of fruits. Mango has many types like Langra , Chonsa , Anderson , Alphonso , Alampur, Baneshan, Alice etc. Mango is the fruit of summer. People like to eat it. Some people make milk shake with it. Whether it […]

Kitchen Household Tips


Kitchen is a place to make different food items. It is a place of great importance and found in every house. It is believed that if you want to check the qualities of women then have a look at her kitchen. Here are some kitchen tips that will help women to make their kitchen clean […]

How Do Plants Help to Prevent Cancer


Cancer is a monster which takes us away from life. Our earth has different plants in different levels. There are many natural remedies about which person have no ideas. In plants there are many nutrients that boost up our immune system and can continuously fight against the cancer cells to defeat them. The plants are […]

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