Author: Kaneez Fatima

Kaneez Fatima is the student of bachelors in Fatima Jinnah Women University in Communication and media studies department. writing article is her hobby. Basically she is an educationist as well so she share their knowledge through writing. You can also read her articles at

Fashion Tips for Teenage Girl

fashion tips

Fashion style is the signature of girl. When it comes to fashion everybody looks very careful. Especially teenage girl are very careful about their dressing. It is something we all do every day, wear clothes but to look perfect you need some tips and tricks. Here are some tips for you. You can adopt them […]

Money Saving Tricks For Students

save money

“A penny saved is a penny made”. Money saving habit is very important for all people. There are certain great ways for students to save money. Use library for study: Students should develop habits of saving money. Instead of spending money on buying textbook, use library for study. Get your required books through the library […]

Tips And Tricks For Skin Care

skin care

Glowing skin is usually loved by every is the dream of every girl to look beautiful. Here some tips are shared with you. There are many tips for skin to keep it fresh, soft and shiny. Cleanse the skin: Cleansing is very important for skin it clears the skin and removes all the dust […]

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