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Beautiful Lips Care Tips

Lips are a very prominent part of the body, the most visible part, because you speak through your mouth and use the lips to make different sound effects. They can be used for kissing and other intimacies. Through lips you have the power to open your mouth and eat, drink and speak. Beautiful Lips makes you look attractive infect red lips which have regular blood circulation look shiny and glowing. Lips can also make you look dull if they are dry and the blood flow is less. You go to parties and functions so you need to look good and attractive. Every person wants to look beautiful and attractive to the world and the society they are in. Smokers have black lips because when you smoke the tar sticks to your lips resulting in dry and black lips. When the tar enters your lips it reduces the blood flow to your lips.

Lips are the two soft layers that are situated on your mouth. Lips are made up of 16 different layers, your skin is made up of many layers and it is less sensitive but your lips are made up of 16 that’s why your lips are more sensitive. Lips have to sides naming Labium superius oris and Labium inferius oris. The reason that your lips are red is that the blood flow directly touches your lips. Red and glowing color shows that how much your lips are healthy.

Taking good care of your lips is very important and you should do it properly and on daily bases to avoid different kinds of skin diseases and infections. Today I am going to discuss that how you can protect your lips from different skin problems and make them look beautiful. Here are some very good beauty tips for lips, that are very authentic and are purely suggested by the experts like myself.

Beautiful Lips1.    Dark or black lips is a very common problem that you experience, this is due to excessive use of coffee, tea and smoking. These all things only refer to nicotine and tobacco tar. Doing heavy makeup can also affect your lips with some very serious infections. The very solution to these problems is that you should avoid excess of these nicotine added things. And you should only use Vaseline creams on your lips.
2.    This home remedy can also help your lips a lot. You should after brushing your teeth apply the brush on your lips to remove the unwanted dead skin from your lips.
3.    You should use lemon juice in combination with almond oil or glycerin every night before sleeping.
4.      You should apply coconut oil on your lips to prevent your lips from getting dry and dark.
5.    You should also regularly remove you lipstick from your lips before sleeping.
6.    You should avoid licking your lips which damages the protective layer from you lips because your saliva contains digestive enzymes that are very concentrated.
7.    Pick some rose petals from the garden and mix them with some ghee and apply that paste on your lips, this will make your lips smooth and glowing.
8.    If you are having a problem of dry and dark lips you should apply mixture of Vaseline and olive oil 2 to 3 times a day.
9.    Apply lip balm to your lips and you can also add sugar to it. This will not only make your lips soft but it will also make them glowing and red.
10.    Many females use lipstick almost every day of the month, this results in dry and burning lips. In order to solve this problem you should apply a layer of lip balm underneath the lipstick.
About the Author: The author of beautiful lips care tips is an expert beautician and helping different men and women round the world, specially in Pakistan to enhance their beauty.

If you like this article or you have anything in your mind that you want to ask or you think there is something missing in the article then please send your comment in the comment box at the end of this article or directly contact me through Beauty Tips contact us page.

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