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Tips And Tricks For Skin Care

Glowing skin is usually loved by every is the dream of every girl to look beautiful. Here some tips are shared with you.

There are many tips for skin to keep it fresh, soft and shiny.

Cleanse the skin:
Cleansing is very important for skin it clears the skin and removes all the dust from the skin. Working for whole day outside can put dirt over the skin. The best option for cleansing is use of coconut oil. Use coconut oil for skin it will make the skin healthy and soft. If you want to take off the makeup at night use this oil it will help you to take off the makeup easily.

Use of honey:honey
Honey is very effective for dry skin. It brings shine to the skin. It smooth the skin and very good for dry lips too.

Use of sunscreen:
Sunscreen is very effective when you go outside. Apply sunscreen on skin to remove scars. Stop stretch marks and scars from getting darker with sun exposure. Sunscreen is very helpful for skin when it is expose to sun it protects skin from rays of sun which can damage the skin.

Green tea scrub:
Green scrub is very good for skin. Take two table spoon of green tea, two table spoon of brown sugar and one table spoon of nourishing cream. Mix well then apply on skin you will feel difference.

Use of tooth paste:
Do you think tooth paste is good for skin? Yes it is very good for skin if there is any pimple on skin. Put toothpaste over the pimple. It will quickly dry the pimple.

Use of concealer:
Concealer is only half the battle when it comes to removing flaws. It distracts people’s eyes from blemishes and imperfections. Concealer is very good during makeup of skin.

beauty tipsAvocado mask:
This mask is very effective for skin. Take a slice and peel of avocado. Blend it with yogurt and apply it over skin wait for 15 minutes than wash with warm water. It will bless you with great effects and also makes skin bright and shiny.

Carrot mask:
Carrots are really good for skin. If there are wrinkles on the skin than, do not worry. Simply take two coked carrots, mash them and two table spoon of honey. Apply it on your skin, do not massage, keep it for 10 minutes and then rinse off.

Egg mask:
Take one egg beat it well, add cream into it, add two tablespoon of grapefruit. Mix them well. Apply it over skin. This mask will clear the skin.

Eat right:
To get fair and bright skin eating order should be correct. Add right food in the diet add juices,a lot of fruits,dry fruits, water, think positive,exercise what you love it will leave good effects over the skin.

Remove blackheads:
If there are black heads over the skin, there is a very simple easy tip for it. Take egg white and lemon juice and mix it, apply over the skin especially near the nose and tip. Wait for few minutes than wash with warm water.

Milky Way:
Milky Way is very simple way to get instant bright over the skin. If you have short time than take two table spoon of milk apply milk evenly on the skin using finger tips till the dirt starts to come out. Wash off. You’ll get soft and shiny skin in a minute.

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