Cracked Heels Tips Remedies

Cracked heels are the most common problem. It is very pain ful.It is the problem faced by everyone and it is intense in winter. There are many causes behind the cracked heels it can be due to overweight, winter seasons, open backed shoes, and standing for long time can affect heel in bad way. If you are suffering from this problem than special attention should be devoted towards your feet. Here are some tips, which are given to get rid from cracked heels at home.
• Avoid walking bare foot.
• Keep your feet clean and dirt free.
• Regularly massage your heels to avoid them to be cracked.
• Use coconut oil for your heels.
• Wear cotton socks after applying cream for good results.

Cracked Heels Home RemediesRose Water and Glycerin:
Glycerin and rose water is very effective for cracked heels. Take equal amount of rose water and Glycerin mix it well; it is the best treatment for cracked heels. Glycerin will soften the heel and rose water has vitamin A. Apply this mixture before going to bed at night.
Banana is one of the cheapest fruit. It is a famous for its moisturizing properties. Make the paste of one banana than apply over cracked heels. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. Than wash with warm water. Soak your feet in cold water for 5 minutes. Do this daily for a few weeks to restore soft and smooth heels.
Honey has moisturizing qualities. It is very good for feets.For this purpose add a cup of honey in warm water and soaks feet in it, scrub it well. Repeat it until you see improvement.
Petroleum Jelly:
Use petroleum jelly on dry, rough skin to prevent rough skin. Apply petroleum jelly on feet’s. You can also add lemon juice in petroleum jelly. Cover your feet with socks so that petroleum jelly can soak into the skin. It will smooth and soften your skin.
Olive Oil:
Olive oil is very good for feet. Apply olive oil with the help of cotton balls over your feets.Take olive oil and mix lemon juice and small amount of water. Put it all in bottle. It is very useful for heels.
Sea Salt:
Sea salt is very good for your feet .If your heels are cracked than you need extra care for it. Put sea salt in foot tub and soak your foot in it. Rub your foot well than dry them and apply foot cream and wear socks for better results.
Keep your feet moisturized:
Keep your feet moisturized. For this you can use foot cream or lotion and make them soft by maintaining them well moisturized.
Washing Cracked HeelsKeep Your Feet Hydrated:
Take a lot of water. Avoid hot showers because they can dehydrate the skin and make them dry. Also drink sufficient water (about eight glasses) and consume other fluids each day to keep you hydrated well from inside too.
Remove Dead Skin Cell:
It is very important to remove dead skin cell. For this purpose use foot scrub. Simple homemade scrub can be prepared at home. Take simple salt and few drops of any oil. Apply it over our feet. It will remove your dead skin cell.
In this article I have shared many tips for cracked heels. Keep visiting this site for information on more topics.

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