Tips For Mehndi Makeup

Wedding is very important event. Mehndi is full of fun and colorful day in wedding ceremony. Mehndi is the traditional occasion and considered as pre-wedding event. This day is now celebrated as a separate day with full preparation. Girls usually wear yellow, green, and red shades dresses with bagels and gajras. Flower jewelry is very common during mehndi; flower earnings look very unique on bride. These flowers are also added in the hairs .On this day bride do not wear heavy jewelry and dresses. This day is celebrated among friends and family.tricks for mehndi

This day is celebrated before two or three days of the wedding. It is very important to do a balanced makeup on Mehndi. In Pakistani culture wedding is not about bride and groom it is the relationship between two families, it is the event that brings two person as well as two families closer. Everybody looks simple but stylish on this day. Here are some tips to for Mehndi event:

mehndi stylesMehndi dress:
Medndi dress is simple but look beautiful and stylish. Different shades are used to design the dress. Mostly fashion designers choose green, yellow, orange and pink color for this ceremony but many other colors also using by them these days. Gharara, sharara and lehngas but now they also wear frocks and long shirts with churidar pajamas these are common dress now a days.

‘Ubtan’ originally started as a ritual in India. It is natural and homemade cosmetic used for beauty of a bride; it is applied by bride in her face to look beautiful on her is the yellow mixture that is used to make skin in better form. Ubtan ‘application is a device or mixture that is used to decorate the body and face. It is the paste-mixture of turmeric, saffron, san¬dalwood, bengal-gram, and seeds of yellow mustard, mustard oil and water, is applied on the brides This is also known as haldi. It is done to which is applied to beautify the skin. It is used to enhance the beauty of bride.

• Use natural toner for the skin that should be according to the skin tone or apply a base coat.
• After applying skin toner, if the skin is oily than apply face powder over skin. It will give you the soft look. On this day the natural appearance of your face is favored and liked by way of all.
tips for mehndi style• If your skin is oily, along with a warm color of eye shade this goes with the color of your dress.
• Pink blush on looks very attractive. Apply kajol in the eyes. Without lipstick make up looks incomplete so for this apply lip gloss to give a glossy touch or apply lipstick.
• Use of shimmer is very important for this day .it makes the bride look shinny and glowing. By this bride will look beautiful on stage as well as in pictures.
• For hands beauty, apply ubtan over the hands for the fair complexions of hands on the occasion of Mehndi apply mehndi design over hands. It will look beautiful and will enhance the beauty of bride.

In this article I have discussed many tips for mehndi event it will be beneficial for you. Keep visiting for more information on some other topic.

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