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Ways To Improve Educational Standards

Education means literacy and literacy means knowledge and awareness about right and wrong. It makes people sensible, civilized and modern in terms of technology. Here are few tips that will help to know the problems behind backwardness.

Reasons Behind Educational Backwardness

1. Stereotypical attitude is the main reason behind educational backwardness. It stops people to send girls to school. Because the typical mentality says that literacy makes damsels bold and rude. Actually that’s not rudeness. Its the awareness that lets a women to raise voice against oppression.

2. Some parents take work from their kids and due to greedy approach, innocent minds remain uneducated.

3. One of the last but not the least matter is of economical condition. It is also a big hurdle in imparting education. Quality education is expensive and many people are unable to afford it. Education helps in changing stereotypical mindsets. It is considered mandatory for every individual in developed and developing countries.

Education gives Knowledge, power and confidence.

Kids of 3-4 years start going to school. However underdeveloped countries are a bit backward in educational standards. Now-a-days schools and academies are open in every next street. But still some of the people don’t send kids to school due to financial crises, illiteracy and superstitious social mentality.

Drawbacks of The Educational System

One of the issue that is of major concern is cheating during examinations. The most embarrassing moment is when  teachers and professors are seen indulged in such an immoral activity. In this way students can pass the exam but their I.Q level remains null. When they move out to give an interview or sit with some honest educated people. Then the truth of their literacy comes out. It is difficult for them to make careers and get good jobs. Cheating makes people lazy and dishonest. If nobody is there to stop then this crime will ruin our generations career and country’s reputation as well. Students are also seen using micro copies. Of course that can be kept under cap and under the collar easily. These activities only promote criminals nothing else.

Tips To Improve Educational Standards

Honest attitude should be taught to students. Stern action should be taken if someone is seen doing it, teachers must keep strict eye during duty in the examination hall. Governments and influential people should rusticate students and terminate professors if they are found involved. If laws are not fixed for such evil-mindness. Then it would be difficult to stop such illegal activity. Education teaches us honesty not dishonesty.

The foundation of success and prosperity is based on the literacy level in a country. If people are educated then they do jobs. Man power helps in improving standard of living. People from other countries come to invest and start new businesses. Education not only gives you financial stability in future. But it also makes you familiar with right and wrong acts, laws, rules, manners, customs and culture. You can clearly see the difference between a literate person and an illiterate. There is a huge difference in mental level of both people. A literate father thinks that education is mandatory for my children’s. Money spent on their education is not wasted at all. On the other hand an illiterate point of view is that instead of spending on their schooling. They should do work at low wages and bring money to home.

Education is essential  not only for a country. It is also important for a persons well being. So start educating your kids today.

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Farheen Jabeen

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