Tips And Tricks For Feature Writing

Feature is an article. Feature is the part of newspaper. Features is all about story telling. It includes the details and paints the facts beautifully through pictures. Feature can be written to raise awareness about a cause or an issue. Feature is not about the facts but it means to add something that can create the interest of readers and enhance the readership, it should be interesting. Features are known to be elaborate. Features can be written on any issue like 14 august, Labor Day, special events, Eid days historical and health features etc. It is very important to keep the feature away from column. Here are some tips that can help you to write a good feature for newspaper:

Know about the readers:tips for fearture writing
It is very important to know about the readers. Topic should be chosen according to the interest of readers. It should be interestingly written to attract the readers. To increase the readership it is very important to write the feature with captivating headline and attractive first paragraph. Keep your headline to fewer than 20 words and your lead to no more than two to three sentences.

Attract the readers:
The quality of good feature is to attract the reader’s attention in the beginning of the feature. Features can be written of a 550 to 700 words. Reading sentences and paragraphs that are always the same length gets boring. Keep the paragraphs small otherwise it can lose the interest of readers. To attract the readers headline should be catchy.

Get the story behind the story:
This is very important for feature writing. Before writing any features try to investigate the story from each angle. Features are the task of investigation. It includes the voice of people. Feature has a dramatic touch. Crime feature is one of the top written features. Choose the topic with the great care pick the dimension and narrow down it so that you can write the feature. It is best to start the feature with dramatic touch.

Importance of interview:
Interviews are very important for feature writing. It is the best way to collect information in detail .Interview should be informal and taken suddenly. Feature can be written after the death of anybody. This feature will cover every thing that is important is that, if your feature article is a profile of one particular person. To get the best quotes, try to conduct your interviews in person whenever possible. If you are doing interview than find the real people for the interview and let them tell their own real stories. Find people who are on the front lines of the issue you’re writing about. Giving them the questions before the interview will help them be able to give more thoughtful answers.

tricks about featureReading improves writing skills:
Reading increases the writing skills. It can increase the vacabourly. Reading can be beneficial for you; it can introduce you with different writing styles that can attract readers. Start the story with an ordinary moment and trace how the story became unusual. Use the appropriate language. Tone should be informative. This will give a good impression of feature.

In this article I have shared many tips and tricks about writing a features that will help you out. Keep on visiting for more information about different topics.

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