Tips And Tricks For Oil Painting

Painting is art; it is the game of colors and fun. Painting is very old art that is done by people. With the passage of time new types of paintings are evolved. Oil painting is one of them. Oil painting is the enjoyable form of arts. Oil paints are made from pigment particles and drying oil. It is the painting of color blending and it is about difficult and complicated painting. It talks a lot of time to dry. Here are some tips and tricks for the guidance to create better oil painting:

colors for paintingHow to choose paint:
Choosing paint is very important process. Cheap and low price paints are difficult to handle and frustrate you. Costly paints are very effective and helpful to do painting and the results are also wonderful. For painting, brushes are very important good quality brush helps you in smoothly painting. Synthetic brushes are made of a very soft, fine hair while natural hair brushes are a bit rougher. Use both for different painting techniques.

Set the area for work:

When you are working with oil paints, area should be large open or with the opened door and window. Drop a piece of cloth on the floor that oil paints can’t ruin your floor. Put on old piece of cloth that the oil paints can’t destroy the dress .Oil paint is notorious for being exceedingly difficult to clean off. If you have long hair tie them up in the shape of buns or ponytail. Remove the rings and the bangles too.

Create the rough sketch:
Rough sketch is very important for oil painting. Use a hard pencil to create a light sketch of your subject. You can do this directly onto the canvas or onto tracing paper, and transfer it using a carbon copy.

Coloring in the subject:
Now after making the sketch the next step is coloring. Mix the colors in the Platte to create a color. Tones are the most widely used, as they represent most of the everyday colors we see. To make a shade, add black to any paint color. Adjust the angle during coloring.

Save unused paints:
If you have a lot of paints left on the Platte. Save them for next painting. The trick for saving the color is very simple is that takes a small container and save the color in it or cover the Platte with saran wrap.

tips for paintingKeep clean the oil brush:
Oil brush can ruin the brush if the oil gets dry. Clean the brush with the old piece of cloth or wash it under the warm water in order to keep them clean. Put the brush in the open air to make them dry.

Palette is very important instrument for oil painting. You need palette to mix and blend the colors in proper form. Palette is just like a plate and paints are mixed in it. Oil paints are thick when they come out the tube. By blending the colors they become in normal form.

In this article I have shared many tips and tricks about oil painting and how to make painting beautiful through oil paints . Keep visiting for information on more topics.

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