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Practical Tips To Improve Education

As everyone knows the value and importance of education. Its quality and standard is also of huge importance. Country whose nation is educated enjoy all the basic necessities of life easily. Literacy gives a person confidence, power, decision power and knowledge.

Education is the need for development of a country.

Tips to Improve Education

There are four levels of education in Pakistan. One is on the government level for the poor people. 2nd is federal government providing a bit better education. Then the armed forces schooling from where civilians are kept away. Only children of brigadier, majors and lieutenant general can study. Last one is for the elite class giving international standards of education. In this everyone gets education according to their own economical affordability. But these four levels of education create gap between people.

Reasons Behind Low Level Education

Some studying in elite class gets better job and have more confidence than the ones belonging to government’s school systems. Students who live in towns don’t have the infrastructural facilities and qualified teachers in institutes. That’s why their mental level is entirely different from other students. Rich people send their kids to the best school nearest to the house. But the less privileged suffers worse condition till their whole life.

Tips to Improve English Language

As English language is now the need to live in the professional and student life. But the ones who study from low level institutes are weak in English language whether its writing or spoken. Such students are unable to get admissions in high level colleges nd universities. If they get admission then they have to face a very tough situation both in studies and with class fellows.

Tips to Improve Educational Standards

Education gives Knowledge and confidence.

One and only one level of education is essential for all over the country. If only one system prevails then people belonging to lower or upper class can talk and sit together. There is no distinction in professional life for them. Equal opportunities make the society forget the difference of poor and rich. It also helps in bridging gap between the ones who are confident and the others behind the scene.

Tips For Authorities to Improve Education

Education should be given free at least on the primary level. Because it is for the benefit of people not a business. Getting best quality education is the need and dream of every one. If our own quality of education is improved then we can compete with the developed world more effectively. Quality education should be provided to the poor along with educational stipends. Child labor and begging should be strictly prohibited. Equal opportunities should be given to girls and boys.

A country’s progress depends on level of education.

Equality is the demand of our society these days in terms of education and employment. It is also the teaching of our religion and Holy Prophet that getting literacy is compulsory for both genders.

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Farheen Jabeen

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