Jewelry: Bold and the Beautiful

Bold Necklace

Jewelry has always been an essential part of not just women but also men. Where women tend to wear earrings, necklaces and other feminine jewelry items, men prefer to go with more masculine jewelry involving cuff links, tiepins, timepieces, bracelets, rings and a few others. But either men or women, everyone loves and admires good pieces of jewelry. When we talk about this beloved accessory, we also need to know that jewelry has its types too from small and delicate jewels to some bold and large pieces which steal the attention in a single glimpse.

In this article we will be discussing about those exquisite master pieces of art which due to their boldness and design never fail to awe the admirers and always top charts when talking about statement jewels. It often happens that one loves to wear and carry a bold jewelry piece but cannot figure out how and with what. I’ll help you decide in what ways you can carry these wonderful pieces and strike a bold charm around you. There are many ways you can wear large statement jewelry items with formal and informal attires. You can even carry them in everyday street clothes or with your college wardrobe but only with the right items and colors.

Bold Necklace Image

A bold necklace with a plain dress:

If you are going out on a formal dinner or an evening out with some work colleagues, the best way to get noticed and have your appearance admired and complimented would be to choose a plain dress of any soft and soothing colour like cream colour, beige, peach, white, black, coral, teal, mint, silver or even some other hue and then complement it with a large bold necklace. Do not wear any other jewelry piece with it other than may be an equally stylish and matching timepiece. This will not only give you a formal appearance but also make you stand out among the crowd.

Bold Blue Gold Rings

A bold ring with a casual attire:

For a more casual day out with friends or at college, a bold large gemstone or any other stone ring would go perfect with your informal attire. You can also mix two three rings and wear them in different fingers with jeans or any other casual dress. A dark colored nail colour would enhance the look even more and give you that up-to-date fashion look you are looking for.


A set of bold bracelets:

A pair of some large and bold bracelets would go with any attire formal or informal. You can even wear a watch along with two three bracelets with a matching colour, the colour of your attire and complete the look. One can wear earrings with it too but it is always advisable to carry just one bold piece of jewelry and not overload yourself. In this way your appearance looks balanced and the attention of the onlookers doesn’t get diverted and scattered. Your dress along with your jewelry piece gets noticed and also well appreciated.

Emerald Earrings

Loud Bold earrings:

One of my favorites, any large and loud pair of earrings would be perfect for any kind of wardrobe and event. If you are getting ready for office or going on a dinner, spending the day shopping grocery or having coffee with a friend, there is no limit and no compromise on fashion and looking good, and this one bold pair of earring is all you need to complete your fashion look.

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