Basic Makeup Tips for women

Wedding ceremonies, engagements, parties, dinners, festivals and any other formal party is a day of making you marvelous. Every women wants to look stylish on party day. No one wants to do makeup blunders. But some of our very innocent girls do makeup without knowing its outlook. They make heavy layers of makeup on face and neck that hides the real features. It seems like face is painted with colors. Heavy eye makeup with dark lipstick looks over the board. Instead of making you exquisite it makes you ugly. Makeup is something that re-enhances your appearance. Huge difference is clearly visible before and after makeover. Some basic makeup tips for women and girls for formal events are given below.

Wheatish Skin Makeup Beauty

Makeup Tips for Wheatish Complexion

It is also seen that many damsels are conscious about dark color or wheatish color. Actually they are not but people make them. On the day of party, such ladies apply heavy and white base to look pretty in the race of getting white. Their face becomes grey after sometime. And huge difference between face and hands can be visible. This mistake is also done by beauticians that are not qualified enough.
Beauty experts recommend that always apply base to highlight your face features not to make yourself white.

Makeup Tips for Fair Complexion

Many girls are blessed with bright face tone. But still they love to apply heavy base. This one may make you look odd. So apply base just to enhance your looks. Otherwise your face seems extra whitish. Actually from early childhood we hear about the appreciation of fair tone and negligence of dark skin people. That why everyone wants to be in the race of getting white. Makeup blunders happen in this earge.

Eye Makeup Tips For Women

Tips for Eye Makeup

Base is available in various tones to match with skin. Always wear makeup in balanced form. If you have made heavy eyes then use lighter hue for lipstick and vice versa.

Contouring Guide

Tips for Contouring

Contouring is also the most essential and tricky part of makeup. Many few people can do this at home. It is done to make bigger parts of face smaller and small portions bigger. It helps in glorifying facial features. Do it carefully or take the help of salon.

Tips for Base

Some girls apply base only on face and leave neck bare. That is a very annoying thing and ruins the entire personality. Always apply base on your face and neck equally and merge it properly. It is the foundation of makeup. If it is not make perfect then the rest of the makeup goes in vain.


Tips for Body Makeup

Use body makeup if necessary for hands and the area visible from your dress. Because it doesn’t look nice that your face is bright and hands look weird without makeup.

Tips for Blush-on

Apply light blush on for girls on casual gatherings and use highlighter that blossom cheeks. Dark blush on are for the party make over. Highlighters are also inn these days and increase glowing of skin.

Makeup is not only the need of today. A perfect proper makeover is the demand. No doubt it makes you beautiful. Fashion shows, dramas, and morning shows have paved the way for housewives to get some tips of makeup. You can be perfect in makeup by doing some practice at home. Stay happy and modern.

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