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Trendy Hairstyles For Mehndi Function

Mehndi is the most vigorous and main function of fun loving youth in wedding. It is a day on which special arrangements and glee is shown from both parties. It is the starting of excitement with a very colorful event. Mehndi is filled with dhol-dhamakka, fireworks, songs, dances and sweets. The most prominent color on this day was yellow in previous times. Every person of the function keeps something yellow. But now almost every color is worn with a very slight mixture of yellow shade. Bright funky and neon colors are mostly used for dresses by young girls and middle-age women’s.

The main decision is of how to make hairstyle on this day with shararas, gararas and lehangas. The style that suitably go with such dresses and makes you look splendid because this is going to be the most intriguing event in all the days of wedding. Some families of Pakistan wear parandas on this day. It looks good but suits on few faces. Many people avoid wearing it especially teen ages. I think on the day o

Back Combing
Back combing looks nice with matha patti.

f mehndi some stylish and trendy hairstyles should be made for a breath-taking look and goes with fashion staple.

Some hairstyles for mehndi and tips to decorate it are given here for readers. Try these swank styles and enjoy the moment.

Back combing with curls

Back combing is best for young ladies having small face because they have to wear bindia or matha patti. So for the sake this hairstyle is perfectly suitable on this occasion. For a more charming look curl your hair with electric rod from bottom. If you have medium length then curl it otherwise leaves them straight, because short hair doesn’t look good with curls. Use hair spray to hold back combing otherwise it gets flat with the passage of time. Avoid combing after your curls and apply gel if you have silky hair.

For young girl’s Dutch braid, Chinese braid, 4-5 strands braid is an exciting offer. Make braid and decorate it with yellow flower and beads. Wrap the flowers around braid and tie it with hair pins or small clips. Marigold flower looks absolutely classical and according to the event. Braids not only look stylish but are also very inn these days. If you don’t know how to make dutch braid then watch videos on websites for help.

Braids are perfect for the event.

Middle aged or older ladies make buns for a very decent look and elaborate it with white, red and yellow flowers. Flowers for hair and jewelry are for the day of mehndi. Some people make flower jewelers with wire to stand it on hair and hands. Use them so that it stays balanced and controlled.

In the hustle bustle if you don’t have time for such hairstyles then make curls with rod on bottom only and leave hair open. Or curl all your hair and apply hair spray to hold it. Put some small tops like bead. It also looks nice on such events. Celebrate this day with some chunky-stylo hairstyles and be prominent in the entire occasion. Try these tricks of hair as it makes you more enchanting. Styles keep on changing so follow every unique trend and make yourself alluring and attractive. If you can’t make such styles like back combing at home then go to beauty salons as they give you a finer look.

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