Shopping Tips For Clothes On Eid Day

Eid is the special event for everybody and everyone want to dress up in pretty and stylish way if you are looking for some new ideas for Eid dressing follow these tips and tricks that will make you pretty for Eid day.

Eid dress:dress
Eid dress should be unique. The first thing that you need is to prepare your Eid dress earlier. It will be better to prepare your Eid dress before this month as the tailors get busy during this month and they can ruin the cloths due to work load. Now a day summer is going on choose such fabric that is light and breathable with beautiful colors. Try to focus on trends while choosing cloths. To look stylish fashionable and trendy go for bright and dark colors. Some people have heavy body they should not wear tight cloths and should go for lose dress. Because lose shirt hide the body shape and you look slim. Loan shirts looks pretty now days it is perfect wear for summer day.

Beautiful foot wear:
Matching and contrasting foot wear will increase the beauty of the dress or otherwise it will spoil the beauty of dress no matter how much the dress is expensive. Now days there are different trends in foot wear too. Traditional Flat chappals khola puri are very common for Eid day. Choose the foot wear according to the type of the dress. If you are wearing short shirt go for high heels.

Accessories are the special element for women dress without them dress looks incomplete. Add colors to your style. Jewelry used to brighten your personality. The trendy and stylish jewelry like statement necklaces, midi rings, pendants and bangles give a classy touch to your personality. Accessories like a matching hand bag or clutch will just complete the whole Eid look. So try to wear such jewelry that goes with the dressing. Good jewelry will enhance the personality. Now a days summer is in, do not overload you self with jewelry. Wear simple and light stuff. On the other hand wear light jewelry and makeup with darker shades to get a decent and elegant touch.

mehndiApply mehndi on hands:
Applying mehndi on Eid day is one of the oldest traditions. Young girls usually decorate their hands and feet with mehndi before the morning of Eid. They spend whole Chand raat in applying mehndi on their hands.

Makeup on Eid day:
Summer makeup is difficult to handle. We often hear about different ways to keep makeup on the face in summer. Look your face before Eid day. Cleanse the face and remove all dust from skin. This will make the face clear on Eid day and makeup will look perfect on next day. Make up is essential element in dressing. Do not over load the makeup on your face. On tip that is very important about make up to get ready according to event, party or function.

In this article I have discussed many tips and tricks for Eid day. It will be beneficial for you. Stay tune with for more tips on some other topic.

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