How to Make Face Thinner Using Makeup

Makeup is very important for all women and girls. It gives you a way to cover, improve and add beauty to your face. Makeup is very effective tool which makes your face to look more beautiful. If your face is round and looks heavy so what? You can make it thinner and look slimmer through makeup. Here are different tips and tricks to make your face slim and thinner using face makeup.

Tips to make face thin and slim:
Hide eye circle:
Eye circles have great impact over your face. You can do this with the help of concealer. You can also add white eye shadow at the corner of your eyes I order to highlight them. When you cover dark circles properly face will automatically look slimmer.

Eye brow shape:
Eye brow plays very important role in making face slim. Curved brows help lift the face and make your face look slimmer. Color in your brows with a shade of makeup slightly darker than your natural brow to help them stand out.

Color eyes:
Color of eyes is very important for your face. Use eyeliner and mascara that make your eyes appear larger, and use eye shadow that works over your skin tone and eye color. Blue color looks great with gold and pink shadow.

Round Face MakeupContouring:
Contouring also plays very good role to make your face thinner. Sweep the brush from back to your ears, beneath your jaw line and to your chin to give a thinning shadow. Brush will create deepness.

Use of shimmer:
Shimmer is very important for makeup. So it is very important to use it according to your face type. Use dim shimmer and it should be less glossy. Use soft shimmer it will help you to make your face thinner.

Use of lip color:
Try to avoid the dark lipstick colors because it makes your face to look more round. So for a thinner face you need to go with natural or light lips colors. Try to use light color to make your face thin and slim. Dark color of lips will make your face round. Use pink color for lips is one of the best makeup tools; it will help your face to look slimmer.

Hair style contributes towards thin face:
Make such hair style which makes your face slim and thinner. It also includes middle parted hair falls on both side of face & make it feel lengthen. So different style can be made to make face thinner. Hair cut is also very important for slim face don’t cut hairs too short. To make your face look less round, part your hair on the side.

Focus on jewelry:
Jewelry is very important for your face look. Try to use long jewelry over face it makes your face slimmer. Long earrings and long necklaces elongate and slim the face and body with their vertical lines.

In this article I have shared many tips about makeup to make face slimmer. Keep on visiting Fashion Tips for more information about different topics.

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