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Fashion And Style Tips For Girls

The world is getting more advanced and colorful with each passing day. New technology and trends in the field of fashion and designing are introduced for the modern people. Keeping yourself aware but the latest fashion is a necessity these days. Dressing trends change according to the climate of the country. In every year styles changes to give the people a feeling of pleasure. Following are some ideas, tips and tricks about shoes, hair styling and dressing. So that you can keep yourself uptodate with the current scenario.

Always follow latest fashion trends.

Tips and tricks for hair styling

Hairstyling is a very tricky task for the people who have curly,but the summer season provide you the facility of tying your hair tightly. High ponytails and buns are the best option for the girls having long hair and medium hair. Make slightly lose hair buns to give yourself a bit Messy & stylo look. In this way all your rough and curly hair are hidden in a very trendy style.

Tips And Tricks for shoes

Wear slight high shoes
Wear slight high shoes

The selection of shoes in the hot summer season should be made very wisely. Some peeps buy open shoes but when they move out their complexion gets darker and create problems. So to abstain from these tensions always wear skin socks that can cover your feets. This color match with your body and doesn’t look awkward. In this way stylish level is also maintained and your skin is saved from dust and dryness. Abstain from wearing colorful socks with open shoes. Wedge-shaped sandals looks marvelous with denims and tops. Brown, black, bottle green, red, plum and shocking pink are the tints that are suitable for white complexion.

Tips and tricks for spring clothing

As spring is the season of flowers and colors. So your wardrobe should be very colorful for a very calming effect on your personality. Vibrant hues give a pleasing effect to others as well. Exquisite tops are available in markets. So make yourself mesmerizing with the hottest trends this year brings for you. Look fresh like flowers and trees in the garden. Spring season is only for one month in Pakistan. So don’t buy bundles of outfits.

Tips and tricks for summer clothing

Wear Dark prints in summers.

As the hot climate starts, design of lawn suits launched by biggest brands attracts you by installing huge billboards and Lavish commercials. Fashion designers recommend that avoid wearing dark colors in hot season but the demand for the bright and darkest hues is escalated. So get your favorite lawn printed top for a marvelous look. In this sweated weather take bath twice in a day and dont wear other stuffs like jorjat and silk. Lawn is the only stuff that absorbs your sweat and makes you feel relaxed.

I am sure by follwing all of these tips you will feel yourself more confident and fashionable. Your colleagues, friends and relatives appreciate this new change in you and try to follow your techniques. Have a look at the new trends in fashion to online platforms to stay updated because the world is getting advanced with each passing hour. Don’t be a fashion addict but try to be a style diva.

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Farheen Jabeen

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