Tips And Tricks For Walima Dress

Walima ceremony is the third day of the wedding function organized by groom. It is the last day of excitement and hustle-bustle. Everyone seems relaxed and sad at one time. There are some specific styles, colors and designs of Apparel’s for all the days of metrimony. In the 21st century lighter hues are selected for dressing. Girls whether sister’s, cousins, friends every one wants to look luscious. So don’t need to get confused peeps. Following are tips and tricks about best Pakistani dresses for walima function. All these ideas are for all the women’s who are the part of the ceremony.

Lighter shades can be contrasted with darker ones.

Tips And Tricks About Walima Dress For Bride

Mostly people prefer darker shades on the day of barat. But lighter colors are selected for the walima function. Tea pink, dull gold, light chocolate, grey, pistachio, golden brown, contrast of dark with light tints and white outfits are the demand on this day for the center of attraction. The most popular styles these days are maxi, tail frock, lehanga and double shirt style as well. Walima makeup look marvelous if you say your beauty expert to apply model makeup. Use highlighters as it enhance face features.

Tips And Tricks About Walima Dress For Bride’s Sister

Bride’s sister is also very excited and blissful at the starting of beloved partner’s new life. She wants to look a bit different from the rest of the people. Plane long frock of jamawar with heavy embroidery on silk and shafoon is the perfect combo. Slit at the centre of long back tailed gown give it a new look and shows your inner shirt as well. Capri with short shirt is the second option for teenagers these days. If your dress is heavy abstain form coloring your face too much and wear light jewelry. Quarter and half sleeves can make your bracelets and bangles visible. Never choose the same color of your dress as the queen is wearing. Because it is her life’s best day so make her feel prominent and special.

Sisters walima dress should be stunning.

Tips And Tricks About Walima Dress For Bride’s Mother

The queen’s mother should also look luscious because everyone is curious to see her. Firstly have a look on your body shape. If your mother is obese then half sleeves and fitted shirt look over the board. Try some decent yet trendy dress according to your age and weight. Sari is also a suitable option. Hairstyles that goes with sari are swiss buns and sock bun of various types. Enhance it with the help of fancy pins and shimmery sprays. Gajras can also suit elder ladies available easily at flower shops.

Tips And Tricks About Walima Dress For Bride’s Father

The best suit for the angel father is safari suit or a very elegant two piece. The colors should be rust, grey, black, steel grey, dark blue and dark brown with opposite shade of short. Keep in mind that your father dress must not match with groom outfit. Make sure that happiness should be clearly visible from appearances of all the family members..

I am sure all of these tips and tricks help you while deciding outfits for walima function.

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