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Tips To Be Financially Strong

Economic development is important for all countries and its nation. The nation who are economically strong are successful and advance in terms of education, science and technology. the main cause of their success is that they work together and dishonesty, lie and corruption is not in between them. Every member of a family earn after 18 years and become independent. When every person of society is involved in work then not only country’s success is guaranteed but also nation prospers.

Reasons Behind Financial Backwardness

Dishonesty is the main reason behind backwardness of a country.
Dishonesty is the main reason behind backwardness of a country.

There are many reasons behind financial backwardness of underdeveloped countries.


the nation whose individuals are dishonest can never get true success. These kinds of acts give you satisfaction for a short time but honestly its repercussions are faced by generations. If it is not discarded on time then it passes from one generation to another. In this way decades suffer from poverty situations. Dishonesty starts from low level management because they get low salaries. To meet their needs they use wrong means and the process of destruction starts from here. Elite of society enjoy lavish lifestyle and there is no one who make them accountable. In one part people die due to lack of basic necessities, and unemployment and on the other hand millions are spent on shopping malls. This contradiction is also the reason of getting involved in illegal acts.

Stereotypical Attitude

The second and most important cause of backward Nation is stereotype that silently creep and make foundations weak. Many people are unaware about its aftermath and some don’t want to know due to their typical mindset. They don’t want a woman to join offices and get employed. In some towns, girls are not allowed to get higher education. They keep women in four walls and keep them away from the developed world. It is compulsory for a country that Woman and men work on equal levels to foster developmental procedures.

Criminal Activities

Theft, gambling, bribe and corruption are also the main cause of backwardness in under developed countries.

Tips To Become Financially Stable

financially strong
Follow tips to become financially strong.
  1. Avoid wrong doings like theft, gambling and corruption.
  2. Law and order situation must be in favor of the people. judges, police and other enforcement agencies give people their right.
  3. Criminals must be punished strictly. Stern action should be taken if anyone found guilty.
  4. Women and men work together both at home and in professional fields. Higher education should be in reasonable fees. So that poor people also get education and become an effective citizen.
  5. Students should be given awareness about being independent as soon as possible.
  6. Paralyzed people should be given the opportunies to earn through online jobs.
  7. Unix are also a fundamental part of a state. So jobs should be provided to them, so that they become a support for a nation instead of a burden.
  8. Last but not the least tip is that instead of spending extravagantly on ceremonies and events. Spend your precious money on literacy of your kids.

All these simple tips led rapid development and successful financial stability. Which is the need of every individual. Economic stability is crucial for a society, person and nation as well. The country can compete with the world easily.

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