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Health Tips For Men, Women, Children, Boys and Girls to Stay Fit, Look Younger, Avoid Diseases, Live Longer and Healthy Life.

Tips And Tricks To Lose Weight

With the passage of time, every person who is overweight is vigilant about weight. People follow different diet plans to control weight. In this hustle bustle some people do hazardous things to lose weight overnight...

Types of Hair Loss

Types of Hair Loss or Alopecia

Commonly we hear a lot about the hair loss problems people face every day and think that every hair problem is the same but no. Every hair problem even though it is merely a hair loss is not the same and in this article...

Diabetes Cure

Diabetes Cure Tips and Health

Diabetes also known as sugar and diabetes mellitus is a very trivial malady in humans in today’s time. In every family of Pakistan there is a sugar patient. In earlier times only old age persons are the victims of...

Hepatitis a Facts

Types and Causes of Hepatitis

What is hepatitis? Hepatitis is a disease which causes swelling and inflammation of liver. The word comes from two roots, Greek root hepar (word hepat) meaning liver and the Latin itis meaning inflammation. Hepatitis...


Tips to Gain Weight Naturally

It is right that the people especially girls with zero weight look beautiful but the people with little gained weight look more charming and pretty. Here I am sharing some tips to gain weight which are good for healthy...


How Cancer is a Unique Disease

I am not habitual of reading novels and books but this time I have planned to read as much books as I could for making myself acknowledged about how I can dispel this myth named cancer. There are a lot of books written...

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