Blessings Of Excercise

Movement is the best medicine. (Dr Donald A Ozello)

We all knew this exercise is very important for our health. If we want to take active part in our routine life then exercise is considered very important. It is a common observation those people who regularly do exercise are more active and in good moods as compare to them who are not doing exercise. Those people who are conscious about their fitness always do exercise. So it is obvious that if you want to take active part in routine life, and want to remain in good mood then you must have exercise.

Don’t stop your food just start your exercise.

We often see that doctors ask the patients for exercise because it is very important for the health. Besides this Exercise improve stamina, your life change, you feel fresh, it also enhance flexibility and automatically lose weight.  You can do exercise at any time not specifically at morning or evening although exercise and walk doubled their benefits if it done at morning. But you can do it any time no hard and fast rules have to be followed for exercises just do it.

It is also important to note that exercise is very good for mental health. In researches of scientists excellent results came for mind after exercise. As it reduced stress, Improve self confidence, boost that chemicals that are for happiness, stop anxiety if one is depressed. It also helps to prevent from unpleasant feelings. These all are very unique and unexpected results but surprisingly not only this. Scientists also tell that due to exercise your memory would be sharp as well. Creative ideas touch your mind while you are exercising. As it helps you to keep calm and relax so automatically tolerance comes into your behavior.

Exercise give you better health and control you B.P, Sugar etc

If you are getting bored from your routine life then it is a fun to take exercise. We all usually feel sick off from our routine life and want to be relaxed then it is a good way to spend your time. In this way our time will be not waste but it will be utilized with a fun. Isn’t it a good idea? Exercise also increased in social activities like when you go to a park and play ground, your relationships and friends increased in this way.

On regular basis exercise will help you to take active part in social activities and your health benefits will increased with it. Your stamina and energy increased by doing exercise. You will sleep better after a good exercise. In modern times a problem also is on peek that people who don’t do exercise or not walking for a long time, cholesterol increased in their body joins with the increase in weight. So mostly diseases are prevailing in the society due to the extra weight. So exercise is the best alternative of it.

Of course so many people have not much time due to so called busy life for exercise for a long time but they should make habit and set a schedule for it, with the passage of time you will be used to then you can’t stop you to taking exercise. But doesn’t come to exercise abruptly but gradually. At first if you are doing exercise for half an hour after a gap of 15 to 20 days increase time of exercise 15 minutes extra means 45 minutes .An expression is very important here, maybe you listen it before that “use it or lose it” Yes this is true if you are not properly use your body then you will surely lose it. So it is important to do exercise if you want to spend a healthy, happy and contended life.

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