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Healthy Fasting Tips For Ramadan

O Ye who believe! Fasting is prescribed or you, even as it were prescribed to those before you

Ramadan is month of blessing. It is the month during which Muslims fast. It is the month of worship and contemplation. Here are certain tips for fasting which will keep you healthy during this month.

Use of dates:date
Dates are very good for health. Start your day with dates. It provides you with the energy you lost during fasting a long hours. They are composed of sugar and rich in fiber, potassium and magnesium.

Balanced diet:
During this month balanced diet is very important. Fiber and proteins are good for health. Diet plan should include green vegetables and fruits. People love to have yogurt drink. Milk shake will provide you with refreshing effect and make you feel satisfied. Egg should also be part of your diet during this month. Balanced diet is composed of vitamins, proteins, and calcium. The most commonly consumed foods by Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) were milk, dates, lamb/mutton and oats. Healthy foods mentioned in the Holy Qur’an are fruit and vegetables, such as olives, onions, cucumber, figs, dates, grapes as well as pulses such as lentils. Try to maintain healthy and balance diet in Ramadan.

Intake of water:
Consumption of water is very much essential in Ramadan. Water is the basic need of body. Add energy drinks in diet like milk shakes and smoothies they will help the body in healthy way and avoid artificial drinks that can create problem in stomach and can makes you feel suffer. Mango smoothies, water melon and coconut water is very effective and can be beneficial for health. They all are great source of fiber. Try to drink 8 glasses of water in a day.

Sleep properly:
The routine of sleeping is change in Ramadan due to awaking up in mid at night disturb the sleeping order. Try to sleep early at night to awake up at time. If you do not sleep properly than you will feel lazy and down throughout the day. Naps in the day are a delight and luxury as it does feel like a different quality of sleep when you fast.

Bad breath of mouth:
Bad breath is major problem when you are keeping fast. Brush your teeth before Gargle and mouth wash keeps the breath fresh. Less intake of water also results in the form of bad breath so take water properly.

Avoid over eating:fried things
Break your fast slowly eat properly. Try to use fluids and fruits first. Over eating is the common problem that mostly people face during Ramadan. It can create stomach pain and results in vomiting.

Salty food:
Try to consume less salty food in Ramadan it will make you feel thirsty immediately. Avoid salty foods, such as canned or processed foods, salted nuts, and pickles, because these will increase your thirst during the fasting period. Try to avoid too much spicy food and consume more fruits to prevent you from thirst. Food that contains too much fat is not good for health so try to avoid fried food in Ramadan.

In this article I have discussed many tips and tricks for healthy diet in Ramadan. It will be beneficial for you. Keep visiting for more information on some other topic

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Kaneez Fatima

Kaneez Fatima is the student of bachelors in Fatima Jinnah Women University in Communication and media studies department. writing article is her hobby. Basically she is an educationist as well so she share their knowledge through writing. You can also read her articles at

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