Instant Energy Boosting Fruits

Eating a lot of food can never be a source of active energy as it contains a lot of ingredients one might find as energy draining. However the all-natural fruits and vegetables are one of the greatest sources of active and direct energy. Now a days so many vitamin tablets and protein supplements are available in the market that people often don’t prefer to take the natural food but go for these artificially manufactured medicines which are not as beneficial s they appear to be or their makers claim them to be. These tablets and supplements claim to give you power and energy you require and can fulfill all your nutritious requirements but what they don’t tell you is that the ingredients used to create such powerful medicines have drastic side effects which often cause alarming situations and health problems for the people.

Instant Energy Boosting Fruits

Anyone who is looking for some fast and speedy energy source and also do not want to get indulged with the chemically manufactured artificial and dangerous capsules, than our very own all-natural fruits and vegetables are the best source for instant energy boost they can get and that too without searching a lot or going out of your budget. There are some fruits and vegetables which might make you a little too full and drowsy as they contain different kind of nutrition but there also are many fruits and vegies that can actually boost your energy levels magically and instantly without causing dizziness or other problems. Some of those fruits are mentioned below, try them out and experience the energy magic yourself.


  • Banana:
  • Banana is also known as an athlete’s favourite food because this fruit is literally full of energy when taken half or one complete banana. There are so many other health benefits of banana including lowering the blood pressure and providing oxygen to the brain cells, preventing ulcers, reduction of depression and uplifting of mood. But aside from all these, it is considered a great and powerful source of energy so if you want some instant opening of your eyes want the body cells to be a little more active, eat one banana and take a glass of water or make a banana shake. Drink you you’ll be running like leopard.

Energy Boosting Fruits

  • Cucumber:
  • One of my personal favourites in the hot season, cucumber has so many benefits that I can write a dozen articles over them; however we will only be discussing the energy boosting ones in this piece of health journal. A great source of water, cucumber also gives you instant energy and helps make the body less dizzy and more active due to a lot of water content. Eat one or two cucumber to get that cooling effect in the warm days.
  • Tomato:
  • That red fruit some of you think is a vegetable while many others don’t care and just love to eat, well tomato is a great energy source too and that too pretty quickly. You can either take a tomato just like that and eat it or make a drink out of it. Tomato drink is I know a weird thing to think of but there are many places in the world which actually do offer a red drink that is made of tomatoes. Take 3 to 4 tomatoes, pour water, some salt and sugar and some mint. Shake and drink.
  • Watermelon:
  • Any fruit which is juicy and has more water content will always be refreshing and cooling to take. Water melon also not only provides you water and cooling effect but also is a source of instant energy and activeness. Eat lots of water melon in the summer and you might find yourself more energetic than before.

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