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Smoke: A Cause of Cancer

So smoking is the perfect way to commit suicide without actually dying. I smoke because it’s bad, it’s really simple. Damien Hirst.

Destruction of yourself is the execution of smoking. The name of bad addiction is smoking. Today so many people are in this addicting. Someone just start smoking to release their pains and miseries , but they don’t know that through this they get rid of life’s troubles for just a moment but it will increase their worries in there full life after that moment. And some people smoke because their friends are doing so. Once it will be the friend’s cheating but after that they get addicted.

Cigarette smoking gives you cold death.

Especially young generation is the target audience for the smoking. They considered that smoking is a sign of modernization. And as they are blind followers of modernism so could be easily become target of chain smokers and companies that produce cigarettes. Due to religious concerns and health related problems many Islamic countries banned to produce smoking related material. And advertising is also not allowed as it is a mode of persuasion and mostly people especially young generation want to act like they see in the television.

Inhaling cigarette smoke creates mouth cancer.

Health issues due to smoking are very serious. Researches proved that many dangerous diseases are due to smoking. It is just a notion that once you addict of smoking then you can never come back to life. It is possible to have a healthy life after quitting the smoking. And chances are very less having diseases due to smoking. Diseases like lung cancer, HIV aids, B.P issue, heart attacks and   blood blockage issues, asthma and other breathing issues are possible to occur in the body of a smoker. And many other issues in heart, mind, mouth, stomach, kidney and liver are just because of it.

As in recent year smoking trend increases in girls and women, So the problems like death of the baby before birth, early delivery and low birth rate are problems, so don’t take it easy and don’t try to give wrong examples to your mind that it is fine.  Breast cancer is also creation of smoking. Another impotent thing is that teethes are the important part and considered a beauty of face are badly damaged due to smoking. And your taste will finish of course with the end of teethes as know you can’t eat things of yours choice.

Tobacco and other drug’s smoke increase the death rate of the world.

As cigarette contains tobacco and some chemicals in it so creates worries for the health. It is a common experience that if one part of the body is not working well one must feel down.

Smoking is not just damaging you but also have a bad impact on the health of other who exist around you. When the smoke of cigarette mixes in the fresh air it’s germs dispersed and harms others when they breathe. And if smoker have children around him they are at the risk of allergies and asthma. And some people hate cigarettes and its smoke and you may face the anger of friends and relatives as well as strangers during a journey and public place.

smoke always gives you lungs, breast, mouth, heart and mind diseases.

Quitting the bad habit of cigarettes is not impossible and you can get so many advantages if you leave that smoking habit.  You will feel that sensitivity of smell and flavor is good then before. And the reduction of heart related problems are more real then others chances to be reduced and you can be over efficient in working. Problem of headache and high blood pressure comes to end.

So if you care yourself then stop smoking now. Keep on visiting Tips.PK for more health tips and tricks.

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Nusrat Azeema

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